The 10 Most Ridiculous Homemade Signs at the One Direction Concert

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Micah Usher
New Kids On the Block One Direction performed in St. Louis last night at the Edward Jones Dome, bringing out scores of crazed fans who gladly stood outside in the rain for hours, for some reason, as the streets were blocked off. The young ladies milled about and presumably screamed excitedly at one another about who their favorite members of the group are, and many carried homemade signs.

Yeah, about those signs....

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Micah Usher

10. Harry Styles, one of the members of the band, recently grew his hair out. These ladies are betting that isn't the only part of his body with great length.

Presupposing that hair length is indicative of penis size is a slippery slope, though. If true, it would mean Asha Mandela, keeper of the longest hair in the world with 55-foot dreadlocks, is probably packing something truly terrifying. Scary to think.

Micah Usher

9. I, like you, am also wondering what three-letter verb this fan chose to censor from her sign, which she claims to be able to make band member Niall Horan do every night. Probably best to just move along....

Micah Usher

8. This is what is known as the "direct" approach. Getting down to business, the heart of the matter.

Micah Usher

7. "taking off all ur clothes lil boy" is what that sign says. "Lil boy." PHRASING, please.

Micah Usher

6. "GET IN THE VAN" is rarely an effective way to attract a mate, in my experience. Oh but look; they got something called "Nandos."

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