Wilco Is Coming to the Pageant in May

Danny Clinch
Jeff Tweedy and Co. have announced additional dates for their twentieth anniversary tour, including a stop at the Pageant on May 4. Tickets will go on sale this Friday, February 6 ,at 10 a.m. and will be available at the Pageant box office, Ticketmaster.com or by phone at 1-800-745-3000.

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In Defense of the Eagles

The Eagles
Shitting on the Eagles is basically a national pastime for hard-core Americana fans. In fact, while there are several brilliant artists that alt-country loyalists are apt to bond over, dislike of the Eagles may be the single most prevalent and unifying force.

Yet while there is ample cause to loathe the Eagles (just this week a woman in South Carolina stabbed her roommate when he refused to stop listening to the band), the group's raw output leaves no doubt that they're among the most influential bands in Americana history, especially when taking into account some of the insurgent acts of today. Yes, Glenn Frey's an insufferable prick. But it's time to take it easy on the band as a whole.

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Top 13 Beards of the Missouri Chainsaw Grassacre IV

Hillbillys and hipsters gathered for the Missouri Chainsaw Grassacre IV on Friday night, June 21 at the Old Rock House to hear tunes by The Whistle Pigs, Deadman Flats and Mountain Sprout.

While the sound of banjos, upright basses, and other Americana noise-makers brought to life the folksy spirit of rural campfire songs, there was also a striking number of beards.

Read on to see which gent looks most like he walked out of an R. Crumb cartoon.

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The 10 Greatest Alt-Country Bands Ever

For all practical matters, alt-country began with Uncle Tupelo's album No Depression in 1990. Shortly thereafter, the magazine of the same name was published. and it seemed that every city had its own selection of alt-country acts, with St. Louis very much included.

Although none of the following bands were commercial blockbusters, all of them have made some incredible music by fusing country, folk, rock and punk, and the majority of them are still going strong.

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