Lewis Black, Nick Offerman and the Best St. Louis Comedy Shows in May 2015

Moses Robinson // Comedy Central Press
Kyle Kinane will perform at The Ready Room on May 21

"Best" is a relative idea, much like what any individual person finds funny. That's why each month we recommend various comedy events -- some sketch, some improv, some standup and some a little of everything -- and deem them the best. If you're in search of a laugh or willing to take a risk on humor, read on for the comedy shows coming to St. Louis this month that caught our eye. Whether you want to see tried-and-true veterans or the green open mic-ers, May has it all.

First, hats off to the Peabody Opera House for stacking the first weekend in May with a pair of powerhouse acts. Saturday, May 9 Lewis Black is back in town with his new show The Rant is Due, Part Deux. And the following night, Sunday, May 10, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman take to the very same stage with their show "Summer of 69: No Apostrophe." Neither show is for the faint of heart; blushing beauties are best suited to stay home.

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The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows: March 2015

The Persistence of Jokes Tour promotional photo via official website.
Demetri Martin will perform at the Pageant on Thursday, March 26.

"Best" is a relative idea, much like what you think is funny. That's why each month we recommend various comedy events -- some that are sketch, some improv, some standup and some a little of everything -- and deem them the best. If you're in search of a laugh or willing to take a risk on humor, read on.

What a well-oiled machine St. Louis comedy has become. If every event taking place on Saturday, March 21, sells out, roughly 3,500 individuals will be attending a comedy show in St. Louis on a single night. This month welcomes the DIY with the P-R-O; the Pageant alone has Chris Hardwick, Demetri Martin and two shows from John Mulaney.

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Ten More Great Dive Bars in St. Louis

Mabel Suen
The Heavy Anchor
It's no secret that St. Louis likes to drink. Men's Health's countdown of "America's Drunkest Cities" rated us at No. 9, sandwiched between the less-loaded Reno, Nevada, and the slightly more sloshed Austin, Texas.

We here at RFT Music think St. Louis can do better than that, and with that in mind, we've decided to share with our readers ten more of the city's best dive bars.

It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since our last roundup of the best dive bars in town, but time really flies when you spend it getting drunk in a dark room.

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The Five Best Musical Open Mic Nights in St. Louis

Ed Schipul / Flickr
Because everyone deserves a shot behind the mic. Yes, even you.
Open mic nights are an invaluable asset to any music scene. Whether you're a budding musician looking to hone your skills with some stage time, an occasional hobbyist just playing a few of your favorite songs for fun, or a seasoned professional looking to try out some new material, open mic nights are a great way to commune with other local musicians of all skill levels.

Luckily for St. Louis-area musicians of all stripes, we've got no shortage of music-oriented open mics around town. Here are five of the best that St. Louis and the surrounding area have to offer:

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The Best Standup Comedy Shows of 2014

Photo by Kino Easterwood
Christopher Titus performed this past May at the Edison Theatre. Read the full interview here.

Funny Events, the monthly comedy column here at Riverfront Times is now two years old. In that short time, the number of weekly stand-up open mics increased from four to, well, we're still counting. While some are still going strong, others came and went with a select few just getting off the ground. Comics are independently producing their own shows and, in my five years of being involved, I'm seeing many venues seek out comedy nights for the first time.

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St. Louis Comedy 2014: Reviewed By Local Comedians

Kelsey McClure
A scene from St. Louis' only late-night show, STL Up Late.

Rather than write a long-winded love story about comedy in St. Louis, RFT Music decided to reach out to the scene's key players for their side of the 2014 comedy story. We asked them to submit a meme, GIF or two-sentence summary of their 2014 comedy experience. A few went straight to photoshop while others went the route of shameless self-promotion. All in all, the collection is just about as true as it gets -- without jokes, we'd only have ourselves to laugh at.

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The 10 Best Band Names In St. Louis

Press photo
Fister, definitely appearing on this list.
Coming up with a good name for your band is crucial. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but it's hard to imagine Coldplay becoming the vanilla-rock powerhouse it is today as Pectoralz. That said, if one of the world's most famous bands started out with a name that godawful, then there's hope for us all, right?

While the rest of us are still scratching our heads and naming our bands after misspelled foods, these ten St. Louis acts have succeeded in crafting memorable monikers that are well suited to their musical endeavors.

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The Best Comedy Shows in St. Louis: November 2014

New Scar Design

There will (probably) never be another month like October in St. Louis for standup comedy. Luckily, standup isn't all there is. The gears have been ground and it's time to shift back to the local scene. Jokes abound -- and they don't always require a man standing behind a microphone.

For those in search of laughter or curious about the goings-on of the comedy scene in St. Louis, we will be making monthly recommendations for shows in (and near) the city. From sure-thing hilarious to fingers-crossed, "Oh God! I hope this works" affairs, Funny Events is your connection to sketch, standup, improv and everything in between and out of the box.

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The Best of St. Louis 2014 Music Winners

Categories: Best Of

Our extra-thick love letter to St. Louis -- also known as our annual "Best Of St. Louis" issue -- hits stands today! With roughly 250 categories ranging from "Best Politician" to "Best Athlete's Butt," there's plenty of St. Louis' finest to celebrate within.

But this is the music blog, where we are specifically interested in the music stuff.`

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18andCounting, Coreyography and iLLPHONICS to Perform at RFT Best Of Party October 2

Categories: Best Of

Courtesy of the artist
Stan Chisholm, a.k.a. 18andcounting, will perform at this year's party.
It is Riverfront Times' Best Of season! Each fall we honor the city's favorite restaurants, businesses, politicians, artists, musicians and even atheletes' butts with an extra-thick issue bursting at the seams with....well, the very Best that St. Louis has to offer. While that issue is just around the corner, so is our big party celebrating its release, and you are invited!

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