Jack White Makes Six-Figure Donation to St. Louis' National Blues Museum

Photo by Mary Ellen Matthews
Jack White
The National Blues Museum has a new benefactor: Jack White.

The museum, currently under construction in downtown St. Louis, announced tonight that it had received a six-figure donation from White, who is best known for his work with the White Stripes.

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Ten More Great 3 a.m. Bars in St. Louis

Google Maps
Colombo's St. Louis Bar and Cafe
At most St. Louis drinking establishments, 1:30 a.m. marks the time that the lights come on, the music stops and everybody gets the hell out (whether they want to or not). However, for a handful of the city's bars, 1:30 means that a whole new set of intoxicated revelers will make their way through the doors and to the bar for another hour and a half of inebriated escapism.

So for the sake of keeping the party going, here are ten great 3 a.m. bars to add to our original list from 2013:

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The 10 Best Concerts of 2014 in St. Louis

Steve Truesdell
Rivers Cuomo performs with Weezer at Plush.

Do you have any idea how many concerts happen in the St. Louis metro region each night? From big-name spectacles to intimate local gigs, from monstrous city arenas to tiny St. Charles bars, there are hundreds -- seriously, hundreds -- of shows that Gateway City music lovers can enjoy seven nights a week. All genres. All lengths. All levels. "Baseball heaven?" Forget that, St. Louis is music heaven.

2014 was a banner year for music in St. Louis, so below, we're putting the spotlight on ten of the best shows we saw. We were completely sucked in by the musicians' banter, stage presence, visual aids and, yes, their musical prowess. These folks gave us the full package, and we're not going to forget them anytime soon. Our top ten shows are here, but you can find even more of our favorites in our slideshow.

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The 10 Best St. Louis Albums of 2014

Photo by Jennifer Silverberg
Tef Poe's Cheer for the Villain was named "Best Local Album of the Past 12 Months" in our annual Best of St. Louis awards issue.

In a year that brought unprecedented attention to St. Louis, we're blessed to have musicians who tell the city's story from a variety of angles and in a whole host of styles. This list, culled from albums reviewed for the weekly Homespun column and listed alphabetically, represents an evolving scene filled with restless creative talents. Some are long-awaited albums from long-time favorites; some are relatively new projects from multifaceted artists. As always, some are new faces staking their claim.

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The 10 Best St. Louis Music Videos of 2014

Screenshot from MME's "Wave 2 (Westfall)"
2014 has been a outstanding year for music in St. Louis. Though it could be said that some of this year's best music has been a product of sad, gut-wrenching events that momentarily left our city lost, we are rebuilding. As Mvstermind of the hip-hop collective MME said, "The universal language of the arts will be what can close the gap of understanding." St. Louis has, and always will, embrace that ethos. And what goes better with a great song than some great visuals? So here it is, in no particular order, the ten best local music videos of 2014. Let's celebrate St. Louis a little more.

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St. Louis Comedy 2014: Reviewed By Local Comedians

Kelsey McClure
A scene from St. Louis' only late-night show, STL Up Late.

Rather than write a long-winded love story about comedy in St. Louis, RFT Music decided to reach out to the scene's key players for their side of the 2014 comedy story. We asked them to submit a meme, GIF or two-sentence summary of their 2014 comedy experience. A few went straight to photoshop while others went the route of shameless self-promotion. All in all, the collection is just about as true as it gets -- without jokes, we'd only have ourselves to laugh at.

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The Basement Tapes Complete: 2014's Best Classic Album

This is hot property.
Long considered the single-most revered recordings ever made, Bob Dylan and the Band's Basement Tapes still retains its legendary status nearly 50 years after the sessions concluded in the basement of a rented house in upstate New York.

This year's release of The Basement Tapes Complete by Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings caused quite a stir for Dylan lovers who would agree with us that it was one of the most exciting releases of 2014.

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The Best St. Louis Music Releases of 2013

Fabio Sola Penna
It's hard evidence of a vital music community when this local-release column only touches a fraction of what was released in 2013. Sins of omission aside, here's what caught my ear most this year: established bands hitting their stride, scene veterans trying new things and a few new faces making impressive introductions. --Christian Schaeffer, Senior Music Writer

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RIP: Remembering Ten We Lost In 2013

Jaime Lees
2013 saw a number of significant passings: political figures both respected and reviled (Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Hugo Chavez, Ed Koch), sports heroes (Stan Musial), television and film personalities (James Gandolfini, Annette Funicello, Peter O'Toole) and wordsmiths (Roger Ebert, Elmore Leonard). However, it was in the music world where the losses often felt the most personal. Here are ten that we'll miss in 2014 and beyond.

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Pazz & Jop Results Are In! See this Year's Winners, Read Advice from St. Louis Artists

Pazz_Jop cove2r.jpg
The Village Voice's annual critic's-list-to-end-all-critic's-lists, the venerable Pazz & Jop issue, is now in circulation. Each year the Voice polls hundreds of music critics in an effort to provide the most comprehensive list possible of the former year's most critically-acclaimed music. In addition to voting, critics are offered the opportunity to pontificate on matters of musical import in essay form.

One such essay this year was written by that guy Kiernan Maletsky, whom you may remember as the dude that was me around here before I became me. He tackled the topic of touring in 2012 and asked musicians across the country to weigh in -- several of which are based in St. Louis! Click through to see the results of this year's poll and to read advice from St. Louis artists.

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