What Were Your 2012 St. Louis Music Highlights?

Yowie at The Heavy Anchor, November 21, 2012. Photos by Theo R. Welling.
Our annual Year in Music issue hits a newsstand near you today or tomorrow. For 2012, we've compiled a timeline of some of the shows, events and milestones that mattered most to us. And we'd like to hear from you -- do you agree? Do you have additions you'd like to see memorialized? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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The 20 Best Concerts That Happened in St. Louis in 2012, According to Us

Steve Truesdell
Wailing on an air guitar at a Wailers concert earlier this year at the Old Rock House.
It's been another steller year for live music in St. Louis, whether you were looking for the most legendary living pop artist or the quiet birth of a powerful local band. We've racked our brains and come up with our twenty favorite shows (they're listed below), but what tops your list?

Was it The Urge at the Pageant? Those Darlins at Off Broadway? Magnetic Fields at the Sheldon?

Something different entirely?Just sound off in the comments, of course.

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St. Louis Music in 2012: What Will You be Including in Your Scrapbook?

Yeah, this show was OK, I guess. Photo by Alexis HItt
Are you excited for the coming deluge of our opinions about the year in St. Louis music? Because we're sure excited to bring them to you. But in our continuing quest to make sure we've upturned all the stones in River City, we'd like to offer you the chance to tell us what mattered to you in music this year.

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40 Best St. Louis Releases of 2011: Part Ten

40 Best St. Louis Releases of 2011: Part Nine

Biggest St. Louis Music News Stories of 2011: Part Three

The Return of Gateway to the West Fest

From 2002 until 2008, local hardcore hero and all-around-badass Adam "The Devastator" Greer booked roughly 250 shows in the St. Louis area and beyond. I use the term "badass" rather than "promoter", because I don't think he would like being called the P-word. Working strictly out of love for the music and local scene, Greer fervently sought out bands from all over the country and brought them to St. Louis, rarely even pocketing so much as gas money off the door. Always accommodating of out-of-town bands, he soon made enough of a name for himself that he was able to book top-notch touring acts without even once offering a guarantee - "That's not punk," he has often said.

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Best St. Louis Shows of 2011: Part Three

Photo by Nick Schnelle
Show in a Van Down by the River, November 16

November 16th was chilly this year, as November 16ths in St. Louis tend to be. Rain was tentatively in the forecast, and a quick glance to the cloud-covered skies served only as confirmation of our local weather forecasters' suspicions. In an unassuming riverside field in North St. Louis's industrial district, a handful of disheveled punks crowded around a van -- a 1989 Ford Clubwagon, to be precise -- and a gas-powered generator. The impending rain was the sole subject of concerned conversation.

"Fuck it, we're doing the show anyway." Gus Theodorow, singer of local punk band Who Fucking Cares?, owner of Clubwagon and generator, and booker of hilarious shows-in-a-van-down-by-the-river, is unconcerned about Mother Nature's wrath. This show must go on.

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40 Best St. Louis Releases of 2011: Part Eight

Biggest St. Louis Music News Stories of 2011: Part Two

Tower Groove Records Formed

Tower Groove Records aims to bring bands out of dingy south-city basements and into, well, other dingy south-city basements. The collective won't be funding the release of records but hopes to utilize the cumulative talents and experience of its members to make it easier for young bands to make records, play shows and in general just be heard.

Tower Groove got off the ground in the middle of this past year with a one hell of a coming out party that was as much magic as it was mayhem. The carnival and concert at Off Broadway included games, carnival food and performances from roughly a dozen and half local bands and musicians. They expect to pull off their second major feat in early 2012: the release of a double LP featuring original recordings by 21 local artists.

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40 Best St. Louis Releases of 2011: Part Seven