Willy Tea Taylor's Songwriting Method: "When I Wake Up I Like To Smoke Some Grass."

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Willy Tea Taylor

Born to a cattle-ranching family in northern California, Willy Tea Taylor is said to be the next great songwriter of his generation. A sense of nostalgia and the preservation of the past is inherent in his songwriting, and his poetic lyricism reflects a strong connection to his rural roots, perfectly fueling the anti-ephemeral nature of traditional folk music.

Taylor draws his inspirations from the land and people he comes from -- cattleman of California -- and devotes his life to the documentation of classic American themes. He is currently touring with four of the six members of the Good Luck Thrift Store Outlet, an Americana band born out the song-writing competition the 52 Week Club.

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Some Joker Calling Himself "Chim Richards" Has Been Messing with Us

The only evidence of said maniac's existence.
Here at RFT Music, we're dedicated to keeping track of all the great concerts going on in town, so you don't have to. From scouring the calendars of the area's best venues and snatching up flyers to collecting event submissions via carrier pigeon and this thing called the Internet, we get all kinds of show information every single day. Sometimes, though, we get trolled and rickrolled so dang good. We ain't even mad though, 'cuz we're no strangers to love. You know the rules, and so do I. A full commitment's what I'm thinking of. You wouldn't get this from any other guy.

Quick reminder: this is how you should submit shows to us if you want to make sure we cover what matters to you. Check it out and tell us what's going on. We're happy to help in whatever ways we can. Alternatively, you could follow the model of some maniac who has been submitting shows to us in somewhat unconventional ways. His name is Chim Richards, he is a madman and we, at RFT Music, genuinely salute him.

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Bands, Promoters and Music Fans: Here's How to Make Sure We Cover What Matters To You

Theo Welling for RFT
We can't guarantee that your show will be this crazy, but it doesn't mean we won't try.
Calling all St. Louis music people: Send us your show and music news tips! As our intrepid RFT Music editor Daniel Hill once said in a similar post, we here at RFT Music have a commitment to keeping our concert calendar as current as possible so we can best provide comprehensive coverage of noteworthy happenings around town. With the new year here, we'd like to build upon our scope to better serve the St. Louis music community. We want to know what events, releases and local music news you're excited about so we can share it with everyone else.

Musicians, promoters, publicists, avid fans and the like: Keep reading to find out how to best make us aware of goings-on and to learn how to have these events featured online and in print in the most prominent way possible.

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The Ten Best Holiday Shows to See in St. Louis This Season

Jarred Gastreich
Tonight, the Hanukkah Hullabaloo takes over the stage at Plush.
Like it or not, this season brings a ton of spirit and good cheer, including the kind you can see and hear. Scrooge would opt out of these shows, but anyone else that's looking to have a good time to get through winter should read on.

Here are ten great holiday-themed concerts to see this month, presented in chronological order. Did we miss something you're particularly stoked about? Let everyone know what else is going on in the comments, and RFT Music will keep it in mind for future previews throughout the remainder of this chilly month.

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The Best Halloween Shows in St. Louis Tonight

Gloria Levario
See and be seen this Halloween.
Halloween is here! Whether you planned that get-up for months or now have to scour the gutter for some tumbleweave to augment that makeshift costume, get on out and partake in some prime people watching tonight. Lots of local musicians went all out to dress up for one-night-only cover sets, and plenty of venues suit up for Halloween-themed parties and festivities. Still on the fence about where to go? Take care to avoid any wide-grinned jack-o-lanterns, double-fist as many fun-sized candies as possible and use that inevitable sugar rush to propel yourself into a sea of masked strangers at any of the following shows.

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St. Louis Concert Calendar: Find Any Show in Town

Jon Gitchoff
Got plans this weekend? Cancel them and go support live music instead. We're here to help with our freshly updated calendar of St. Louis concerts.

The listings are sortable by artist, venue and even price, if you like to choose bands based on cost per riff. There's also a big list of upcoming shows in the drop-down menu on the righthand side of the page.

Head on over. We'll still be here when you get back.

Alberta Cross Celebrates its Album Release with a Pair of St. Louis Shows

Alberta Cross Photo 1 High Res_opt.jpg
Brantley Gutierrez
Alberta Cross will give St. Louis a double dose of its music tomorrow, on July 17: The band brings its modern psych-rock to Off Broadway that night and releases its new album Songs of Patience the same day. Doors open at Off Broadway at 8 p.m. and the show is scheduled to start at 8:30. Tickets are $12 to $17.

You can expect a full-out sweaty rock show if its in anything like the band's last visit, says front man Petter Ericson Stakee. "We've been out [on tour] for ten days now and we're on fire, so its going to be a really good show."

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MayFest Seeks to Liven Up "Ballpark Village" With Live Music

War is one of the three headliners playing Saturday night at MayFest, which takes place this weekend in front of Busch Stadium.

For most folks, Ballpark Village brings about images of big promises and broken dreams. After all, the space around Busch Stadium was supposed to a fun-filled fantasyland for people to go before or after Cardinals games. Years after "new" Busch was christened, Ballpark Village remains - for the most part - just a dream.

All is not lost though. The space is an ample venue for a downtown shindig known as MayFest, which is expected to take place today, tomorrow and Sunday. It's a multi-faceted event that features art exhibits, food trucks and even an old fashioned Louisiana crawfish boil.

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A Few Things to Know Before Venturing to This Weekend's Pointfest

Rob Zombie is one of the headliners of Pointfest, which takes place this Saturday and Sunday.
Ah, Pointfest. It's the time every summer when rock enthusiasts from all around the St. Louis area can gather at beautiful Verizon Wireless Amphitheater to watch a seemingly endless stream of bands. With groups spanning all areas of the mainstream rock spectrum, it's not too much of a stretch to say that there's something for pretty much everyone at the two-day extravaganza.

The festival that takes place this Saturday and Sunday seems to conform with how KPNT (105.7 FM the Point) operates: by providing the consumer with a steady amount of alternative and metal-y music. That was certainly the case at the most recent Pointfest, which will forever be remembered by the Urge's rollicking reunion.

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Pulse Festival to Bring Electronic Music Royalty to St. Louis

St. Louis' electronic scene has blossomed in recent years, as evidenced by the ravenous crowds that gather when a worldwide sensation comes around town. The popularity of the genre also cultivated a string of local artists that are starting to get national attention.

Well, adherents to the wide-ranging genre are in luck: St. Louis' first ever Pulse Festival will be taking place June 9 at Old Rock House Pavillion at 1200 S. 7th Street. The two-stage outdoor event will feature some big names, including Above & Beyond, Morgan Page, Mat Zo, Alvin Risk, Krewella, Crizzly and Secret Panda Society.

There will also be plenty of local acts performing, such as Thomas & Drue, DJ Reece, Emilio Hernandez, D-Caf, super conducter, Arty J and T. Lectual.

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