Steve Aoki's "Neon Future Experience" Is His Biggest Visual Extravaganza Yet

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Cesar Sebastian
Steve Aoki live in Austin.
When Steve Aoki hits the Pageant on Monday, fans will have the chance to check out the DJ/producer's much-lauded new stage show, the "Neon Future Experience." At 50 feet wide, the monster set explodes with animation and LEDs that highlight Aoki's last name spelled out for the crowd.

Created by San Fernando Valley studio V Squared Labs, the set merges the sci-fi world of Aoki's recent studio work with the artist's interactive style of performance. "It's definitely an ambitious project," says V Squared head Vello Virkhaus.

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Paper Diamond Is About "Getting Work Done but Still Knowing How to Party"

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Press photo via Madison House
Paper Diamond will perform at Old Rock House Tuesday night.
Alex Botwin is about to make it rain, but not in the usual way.

You may better recognize the Coloradoan by his professional moniker Paper Diamond. Under this name, he's spent the past four years releasing multi-instrumental neoclassics via Pretty Lights Music and worming his way into the hearts of festivalgoers nationwide.

He's about to release a new EP, Rain Drops, and a concurrent tour that will drip its way into Old Rock House on Tuesday. He named the album in honor of his mission to "control the weather" -- no strippers were involved.

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Steve Aoki on How His Gigs Are "About Gettin' Crazy and Going Wild," With or Without Cake

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Courtesy of SLE
Steve Aoki is scheduled to perform on Monday, March 2, at the Pageant.
By Benjamin Leatherman

As you might have heard recently, Steve Aoki is cutting back on the cake. More specifically, the electronic dance music icon has stated that he's ceasing his trademark stunt of throwing sheet cake at audience members during shows, at least at big EDM festivals where he's a support act.

"If I'm on a multi-tiered lineup and I'm in the middle of a bunch of different artists, I don't want to cake a bunch of non-Aoki fans on accident," he says.

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Helix Won't Let a Little Home Invasion Stop Him From Taking Over the World

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Photo provided by the artist.
Beau Thigpen, a.k.a. Helix, a.k.a. DJ Vague.
The only thing Beau Thigpen really needs in order to create is a laptop.

"I can make music on any machine if I can figure out how to use it," the Georgia-based DJ better known as Helix says.

That versatility is critical -- especially now. Although his latest release is from his alter ego, DJ Vague, he has been touring as Helix, owing to a robbery at his home just outside of Atlanta. He lost nearly all of his gear.

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EDM Is Dead

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Aaron Thackeray
By Mary Willson

The last major electronic show I attended was Porter Robinson's World's tour. The 21-year-old DJ used to be known for his wild drops and ultra-fast techno sounds, as heard in his 2011 hit single Spitfire. But in his newest album, he uses sampling to thread together beautiful melodies with gut-wrentching drops that are more emotional than fiery in the way that dubstep drops are.

This album, along with other hit downtempo albums such as ODESZA's In Return and newly popular ambient artists like Kygo, Tycho, Cashmere Cat, Emancipator, Miike Snow, Kaskade and more, point to the downfall of EDM as the culture suffocates in a mass of corporate money, extreme hyped culture, and a fan base absorbed in the scene rather than the song.

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HBO Star Kristian Nairn to Bring Rave of Thrones to Old Rock House

Photo provided by Central Entertainment Group
Kristian Nairn of Game of Thrones DJs in New York City. See him at Old Rock House on Wednesday, December 10.

What do you say when a star from one of television's most stunning shows announces that he's going to DJ an event in your city?

"Hodor," of course.

On HBO's fantasy hit Game of Thrones, Irish actor Kristian Nairn says nothing but "Hodor" -- a version of his mentally challenged character's name. But get him talking about house music and his upcoming St. Louis show, and Nairn has plenty to reveal.

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RL Grime Explores Bass Music's Softer Side

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Courtesy of Mixed Management and Andi Elloway
Come see the softer side of Grime.
RL Grime is no stranger to bangers, but he's also got a soft side.

The 23-year-old LA native says he's always wanted to produce songs that are more mellow, which is what he's done on Void -- his first full-length album, due out this month on LA label WeDidIt.

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The 13 Richest DJs of 2014

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By: Carolina de Busto

It's been a few years since EDM became big business. But the bubble hasn't burst. And those folks who wear bulky headsets and press play (i.e., celebrity DJs) are still laughing all the way to the bank.

The giddiest jock is once again Calvin Harris. The scruffy-faced Scotsman topped Forbes' list of the highest-paid DJs of 2013 with a total of $46 million. One year later, Harris is raking in a staggering $66 million. But the second highest-earner collected a mere $30 million. And Avicii only made $28 million. Pshhh, pocket change.

Check the cut for the thirteen richest DJs of 2014.

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The Twenty Most Beautiful People at EDC

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Christopher Victorio
You thought only homely people went to Electric Daisy Carnival this past weekend? Think again! This year, per usual, the bold and the beautiful made their way to Las Vegas for parties that lasted all night long.

Here are the concertgoers, shot by Christopher Victorio, whom we found particularly enchanting.

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EDC Vegas 2014: The Best and Worst

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Dennis Romero
What's it like partying with 134,000 of your closest friends?

After a fourth year covering Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, the size and scope of America's largest electronic dance music festival (and, really, one of the country's largest music events, period) still just leaves us breathless.

This is the definition of massive. That this culture has gone from warehouse raves with one laser and a few hundred people to a 1,500-acre event so large that the only way to avoid an hour-plus worth of traffic is to arrive by helicopter is astonishing, especially if you were part of the scene in its early days:

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