Native Sound Studio: A Look at David Beeman's Impressive New Recording Space

Photo by Blair Stiles
Beeman in the control room at Native Sound.

It takes twenty stomps to ascend the white staircase to David Beeman's Native Sound Studio. Only after one navigates a bar in the midst of construction are the stairs visible. Two confused yet affable builders stare. The bespectacled one nods and says, "You just go up those stairs. Don't turn right. Don't. You have to turn left." The cryptic nature of his instructions is suspicious. The building looks like it has been gutted, everything painted in a pure, unicorn white that blinds when paired with light bulbs and lamps hung in a haphazard fashion. It feels an altogether foreign reality.

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Elvis' Producer Spent Time at Webster University's Recording Studio, and So Can Local Musicians

Music Masters at Work_opt.jpg
Courtesy of Webster University
Webster Students working on the SSL Duality console in Webster's Studio A.
Settled in Webster Groves, Webster University is making big noise in the sound recording field. For 24 years, the University's Department of Audio Aesthetics and Technology has been offering professional quality recordings to international and local musicians.

Webster's classes take a hand on approach to music production, bringing in performers for each class. Webster has recorded an array of musicians from international to local status. Jorge Morel, a classical Hispanic guitarist, appeared at the studio. Local musicians the Union Electric, Kim Massey, Illphonics and the Orbz have also been a part of the class sessions. After 24 years, the list of recording artists is extremely extensive.

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Recording Studio Native Sound Aims to Do More Than Push Buttons: Photo Tour

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Kholood Eid
David Beeman and Kit Hamon of Native Sound (and Old Lights).
There comes a time when growth for some musicians means giving back to the community. For David Beeman, Kit Hamon and John Joern -- bandmates in Old Lights -- this means helping their fellow St. Louis musicians find a recording haven in the form of Native Sound.

Native Sound is a cozy recording studio run by Beeman, Hamon and Joern. When they're not renting it out to musicians, Hamon's wife Beth Bombara (also a member of the band) and Beeman's girlfriend Kristin Dennis use the space for their screen printing (Native Prints).

"There are a lot of studios bands can go into and record and self-produce, but not a lot of people investing in the band and trying to help the band grow as musicians and as groups," says Hamon.

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Progress Report: Tower Groove Records Compilation

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Roy Kasten
Jason Hutto at Smokin' Baby
To call Smokin' Baby -- the studio owned and operated by Jason Hutto of the band Warm Jets USA -- a rock & roll kind of place is to somewhat understate the case. Located just north of Cherokee on Compton, the basement recording space is lean, mean and filthy. Cut the smoke with a knife and it will bleed PBR; follow the trail of cables around the ceiling and upstairs and you'll never come back; pass out on the couch and you won't have been the first; ride the faders on the old Mackie 24-track board and they'll let the music talk. It's dark, covered in grime and ash, and it sounds pretty good.More »

12 to 6 Movement release new video with Sadat X, prepare new collaboration-filled album.

12 to 6.jpg
Image via
Local hip-hop collective The 12 to 6 Movement recently unveiled the video for its new song "Can't Be Done," which features legendary Brand Nubian rapper Sadat X. This is just one of many high-profile collaborations off of the group's upcoming, as yet untitled album that is due for release in October. Other national rappers confirmed for the record include Raekwon, Bubba Sparxxx, Planet Asia, and Keith Murray (a previously released song with Killah Priest might also be included). These verses didn't come cheap, but the group feels the investment is worth the money. "Talent is only going to get you so far," says Spark1duh?, who along with Ser Lesson of Forty 'til Five and JusTime of The Treez comprises The 12 to 6 Movement. "We relied on talent for so long without the effects that we desired. And now we've decided to step it up a notch, really dig deep and really put money behind what we're doing."

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Interview: Troubadour Dali's New Album (Out Tomorrow) Is Not About Dinosaurs

Troubadour Dali.jpg
Joanna Humphrey
There is a pretty brazen vacuum somewhere in the room next to where two members of Troubadour Dali are conducting a three-way phone interview. It would appear that the shoegaze-y psych-pop band is never far from its noise roots, though this time it's more obnoxious than it is dreamy. For three years now, the local quartet has incorporated that noise into a sound that betrays shallowly buried influences such as Ride, Primal Scream and the almost unavoidable My Bloody Valentine allusion. We tracked down the band's Ben Hinn and Kevin Bachmann to discuss the group's second album, one they co-wrote, and the creative gestation that went into its official release tomorrow night at Off Broadway.

When the interview ended, it was clear both that the band's dynamic can be as cacophonous as its music -- and that the guys really like dinosaurs. And when we finished asking them questions, they turned a rather strange interview back on us. Read on for the sentiments that inspired the darker, wiser new album, but before you do, feel free to answer their questions yourself:

1. What is your favorite dinosaur?
2. Now, your favorite cartoon character?
3. Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz?
4. Favorite flightless bird?

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The Urge Is Back: A Reunion Interview With Steve Ewing

Thumbnail image for PointfestPoster_275x435.png
So, you might have heard that the Urge, that ska goliath of local lore, is back together. You might not have heard, however, that it is with a vengeance. The decision to reunite for the first time since 2005 comes with a changed music scene, a more grown-up group of guys and a laundry list of things that must be accomplished in their near future: significant practicing, their Pointfest debut, a full album at some point. "We've had all kinds of offers to reform and play the old tunes, and we've always said no to that," says guitarist Jerry Jost. "We don't want to be a cover band of our own songs."

The pressure that comes with starting fresh is considerable, but frontman Steve Ewing has every intention of ignoring it. The band has always worked best, he says, when it's rooted in the present -- even if its dominant genre is not.

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Blood Pony Is Finishing Up Its Debut Album. Get a Sneak Preview of a New Song Here!

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Welcome to "In the Studio," an occasional feature wherein local bands tell us the status of new music. Are you recording? Let us know via email.

Who: Blood Pony
Where: The Sea is a Sound Studios
With Whom: Skip Johnston
When: August - November 2010
Release Date?: January 22, 2011 at Off Broadway with Pretty Little Empire & 3 Dollar Band (KC)
What recording: Says James Walker: "We're working on our first full-length record to follow up the six-song EP we released last December. The final record should have nine to ten songs and is currently in the mixing process."

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Hear New Beth Bombara Tunes, Help Her Fund a New Vinyl Album!

Jon Gitchoff
Beth Bombara at the 2010 RFT Music Awards Presentation Celebration.
Singer-songwriter Beth Bombara is nearly done recording her first full-length album in the home studio she shares with her husband/fellow local musician, Kit Hamon.

"There's pros and cons recording in your own home studio," she says. "For one, you don't have to pay anyone. This is good if you know how to use the equipment well. Kit and I both walked out of college with some decent studio recording knowledge that has allowed us to grow our experience even more since then. It's nice because I feel like we make a good team in the studio, and musically in general. Sometimes we have very different ideas, but that's what makes a recording interesting.

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In the Studio: US English

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US English
Who: The new band featuring Brea and James McAnally
Where: Bookermusic
With Whom: Brad Booker
When: Now!
What recording: "We are recording 3 EPs in serial format to comprise a full length," says James McAnally. "The first EP, What Frontier, will be released locally on September 3. The others will be released every three-four months over the next year."
News! by US English

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