Jack Grelle's Steering Me Away: Listen Now

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The crew at Big Muddy Records has always had an ear for St. Louis' varied strands of country music, from the bruised, punk-infused songs of the late Bob Reuter to the earliest incarnations of Pokey LaFarge's folk-blues revivalism. But on Jack Grelle's second LP, Steering Me Away, Big Muddy now has a bona-fide classic country album on its shelf, complete with honky-tonk twang and a Music Row slickness not normally found in the local Stag-and-strum set.

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Movie and Television Licensing Deals Provide Exposure for Bands in St. Louis and Beyond

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Ben Mudd
St. Louis act Scarlet Tanager has had its music featured on The Real World, Dance Moms, Catfish and a commercial for GoPro cameras.
For many kids with guitar-shaped stars in their eyes, cutting an album deal is what it means to be a successful musician. Those ten cherry-picked songs backed by a major label signify "making it" -- something that will launch them into superstardom, world tours and giant piles of money. And once upon a time, that's kind of how it was.

But the times, they are a-changin'.

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The 6 Best Place to Drown Your Sorrows in St. Louis

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Work got you down? Or maybe you just saw your ex (you know, the one you really liked) walking around with a fitter, richer, better-looking version of yourself. Or maybe it's just one of those days. Whatever the reason for your salty demeanor, you just need to find a place to sit, drink and think.

While we can't be the ones to give your boss an earful or convince your ex to give it another shot, we have can provide a list of the best places around town drink away your worries. So sit down, pull up a stool and deal with your problems like a true St. Louisan: Find a dark, dingy bar and soak your misery in torrents of alcohol. Here are the best places to do just that.

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Children's Albums Are Bad for Children

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Recess Monkey: Bad for Kids
In Washington State, where I live, marijuana is legal and sold in special stores. This poses an interesting quandary for parents. Do you: (A) raise pot in the vein of beer when discussing it with your children, or (B) embrace the federal standard and advise that they abstain from it altogether, until its legality is the law of the land?

The answer is (C): Sit your toddler down in her car seat, and let Kacey Musgraves explain.

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Busdriver Keeps Pushing Boundaries More Than Anyone in Hip-Hop

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For more than a decade, Los Angeles rapper Busdriver has been one of rap's most challenging and electrifying voices.

A product of avant-garde circles, he continues to push the genre's stylistic envelope while staying true to hip-hop traditions. And he's got substance, tackling everything from race to class divisions with the same grace as his oft-melodic, staccato flows.

His latest album, Perfect Hair, dropped September 9 on Big Dada/Ninja Tune, and it features Danny Brown, Aesop Rock and Open Mike Eagle. We spoke to Busdriver ahead of his stop in St. Louis this Wednesday, October 29, at the Demo.

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Critic Pick Comics: The Pizza Underground with Har Mar Superstar

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All art by Curtis Tinsley, words by Joseph Hess.

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis From October 27 to November 2

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Carcass - November 2 at Pop's

Cover bands might be shunned outside of their native bar gigs and tribute nights, but Halloween gives us all a chance to be something we're not. On Friday, Melt hosts a full lineup of local punk and psych bands covering a huge range of genres, while We Bite! A Tribute to the Misfits hits the Firebird. Catch the Schwag and its Grateful Dead jams at 2720 on Friday or Saturday.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I wonder if juggalos will show up to the ICP show on Tuesday clean-faced, wearing freshly pressed polos. Even if you're not a fan of the ghoulish holiday, there's still a lot to love in this week's list of recommended shows.

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The Worst Songs From Pornhub's Inexplicable Song Search Contest

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A capture from Coolio's Pornhub video
Coolio teamed up with Pornhub to release a music video earlier this year.
By Troy Farah

It's anyone's guess why the world's largest porn site is trying to get into music (maybe because no one likes paying for either?), but that's exactly what Pornhub is attempting to do. First it tried to make Coolio relevant again with a boring video featuring chicks wagging their silicon-filled breasts everywhere (this link is so NSFW that I really hope you get fired if you click it). Besides being more grotesque than arousing, Coolio seems as excited about titties as a thirteen-year-old who just discovered Playboy. Now, Pornhub wants to bring out the thirteen-year-old in you by hosting a songwriting contest.

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Five Essential Insane Clown Posse "Hallowicked" Halloween Songs

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Insane Clown Posse, Halloween Enthusiasts

It's the Halloween season once again. The streets are lit with carved pumpkins, department stores are stockpiled with candy and the Insane Clown Posse is coming to town. Performing Tuesday, October 28, with Da Mafia 6ix at Pop's, ICP mark the twentieth anniversary of its first Hallowicked celebration. For those unaware, Hallowicked is the annual Halloween show that the duo performs in Detroit, which is always accompanied by a special exclusive Halloween song. The Posse is marking this milestone by releasing a two-disc set containing all twenty years of its tracks.

For those looking to sample the tricks and/or treats, or just looking to add a few more selections of spooky sounds to their Halloween playlist, we've assembled the five essential Hallowicked songs.

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Police Say They Have "Strong, Solid Leads" On Tour Van Robbers

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Scott Davidson/Flickr
Police on Thursday said they have "strong, solid leads" on who is responsible for the tour van break-ins that have plagued traveling musicians and local concert venues for months. Thieves have robbed at least three vans in the past two weeks.

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