Marilyn Manson, Rakim, Zola Jesus and More in This Week's Show Announcements

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Press Photo
Marilyn Manson returns to St. Louis in February.

Here again is every newly announced show for the week! On page one you'll find a quick list of shows that particularly caught our attention, followed by embedded YouTube videos of artists you may not be familiar with. Page two contains our complete listing of new shows, so you can do some digging of your own and let us know which ones you are excited about! Click through, and start planning ahead.

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Nickelback Writes Song Inspired By Ferguson Unrest, Finally

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Screenshot from the song's video, below.
Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, modern-day revolutionary.
At long last, the musical and political luminaries that comprise Nickelback have written a song inspired by the protests and unrest in Ferguson. We waited with bated breath as events unfolded in the St. Louis suburb, lacking direction in a world seemingly gone mad. But without guidance from the 'Back (I like to call 'em "the 'Back"), we onlookers bumbled about, unsure where to turn.

But no more.

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Mathias & the Pirates' Caveman Barnacles: Listen Now

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Via Facebook
Mathias & the Pirates
It's becoming obvious, if it wasn't already, that nearly every hip-hop album released in St. Louis will have to contend with the Ferguson situation in some fashion, and Mathias & the Pirates wastes no time speaking out on current events on this six-song EP. Opening cut "The Panic Button" validates righteous anger but preaches for cooler heads to prevail, and aside from a chant of "hands up, don't shoot," the message of empowerment over oppression rings eternal. Setting the song to a reggae rhythm does more than allow for a quick reference to "I Shot the Sheriff"; it's the music of revolution and empowerment, and the Pirates take full advantage of that history to encourage spiritual and social uplift.

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Despot Still Wants to Be a Rich Drug Dealer

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By Reyan Ali

On the afternoon of Friday, September 19, El-P decided to let off some steam in 140 characters or less. "this motherfucker @despotroast," the MC tweeted, referencing his friend and Queens, New York-bred, Brooklyn-based rapper Despot, "lives like ten blocks away AND is driving and is still 42 minutes late. and THAT, kids, is where his album is."

Despot -- a.k.a. Alec Reinstein -- protests the charges leveled against him. "First of all, El said ten blocks. He don't live ten blocks away from me. He lives like, pfft, twenty blocks away from me," Reinstein, 32, says of his current tourmate, speaking from Charlottesville, Virginia. "And he lives in a shitty-ass fucking part of Williamsburg where you can't park your fucking car 'cause all these dickheads got all the parking spots, and that's what happened. And I was still early!"

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Oliver Sain's Former Studio Plundered for Instruments, Scrap Metal

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Press photo
The late, great Oliver Sain with his sax.
In yet another case of thieves pillaging the St. Louis music community, a former recording studio of the late St. Louis musician Oliver Sain has been looted.

Sain was a renowned saxophonist, band leader, producer, composer and arranger who, after founding Archway Studios in 1965, recorded the likes of Ike and Tina Turner, Johnnie Johnson, Fontella Bass and hundreds of other blues and R&B artists at his north-city studio.

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Pokey LaFarge Signs to Rounder Records

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Steve Truesdell
Pokey LaFarge, performing at the Casa Loma Ballroom in December 2013.
St. Louis' Pokey LaFarge announced late last week that he has signed a deal with Nashville's Rounder Records, which since 1970 has served as home to big-name acts such as Robert Plant, Béla Fleck, Ween, Son Volt and many more.

LaFarge has spent much of 2014 touring the world -- with stops across the United States, New Zealand, Europe, Australia and India -- as well as finishing up work on the followup record to 2013's self-titled LP, which was released on Jack White's Third Man Records.

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Critic Pick Comics: Gnarwhal Delivers Math Rock to the Masses

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Editor's note: Each week illustrator Curtis Tinsley and writer/clubs editor Joseph Hess team up in comic form to recommend an upcoming show in St. Louis. Follow Curtis and Joseph on Twitter at @curtistinsley and @JosephSHess, respectively.

All art by Curtis Tinsley, words by Joseph Hess.

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Bob Reuter's Last Tape Captures a Broken and Wonderful Life

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Jon Scorfina
The late, great Bob Reuter.
By Jenn DeRose

The Stage at KDHX was sold out for a screening of the documentary Bob Reuter's Last Tape, shown on November 16 as part of the Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival. The film consists of testimonials from the artistic community, still photographs, footage of live performances and interviews with Reuter so intimate that director Josh Rolens deems them "confessions," serving as a retrospective of Reuter's life and work. The film oscillates between the extremes of Reuter's moods, from the bleak "I can't be happy" periods to the joy he derived from his artistic endeavors. Filmed a few years prior to his untimely death, Rolens captures the upswing, if not the height, of Reuter's creative life.

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis From November 17 to 23

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Photo by Corey Woodruff
Kentucky Knife Fight plays its final show this Saturday at Off Broadway.

Don't let snowfall ruin your good time. This city has a tendency to panic every time a flake hits the ground, but fret not, the road is still here for those brave enough to venture out for good music. Shaggy and the Urge are just a few highlights for the week ahead, but we want to make a special recommendation for Kentucky Knife Fight's final performance on Saturday at Off Broadway -- this is your last chance to catch one of St. Louis' most underrated bands.

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The Best Body Art at the Old School Tattoo Expo

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Theo Welling
We saw this in a dream once. See more photos here.

One of the most colorful events in the city, the St. Louis Old School Tattoo Expo gathers thousands of ink lovers annually for a celebration of body art and the latest techniques. From a tiny star near the ankle to a sleeve of thorny vines to museum-quality color on the back, tattoos of all types are proudly displayed -- and created -- during the Expo.

Quite a few works of art caught our eye during this year's three-day affair, held November 14 to 16 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel downtown. Below, check out our eleven (twelve, counting the one above!) favorite tattoos from the convention, and then tell us in the comments the best tats you've seen!

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