Liquor License Protest Against the Ready Room Fails, Agreement Pending Between Neighbors

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Jason Stoff for RFT
The Ready Room in the Grove.
In July RFT Music took an in-depth look at noise complaints arising from Forest Park Southeast residents regarding neighboring music venues the Ready Room (4195 Manchester Avenue) and the Demo (4191 Manchester Avenue) in the Grove. In late August the Demo's liquor license protest came to an end after a peaceful resolution between club managers and area resident Rachel Siegert. A written compromise, mediated by city excise commisioner Bob Kraiberg, outlines specific soundproofing goals and event limitations while allowing the Demo to re-open and carry on business as usual.

The Ready Room managers and its residential neighbors, on the other hand, have yet to reach a concrete agreement. After a hearing with Kraiberg on September 4, the official liquor license protest filed by residents Brad Fratello and Doug Moore failed due to a lack of signatures.

See also: The Demo's Reopening Over Labor Day Weekend

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Six Reasons You Need To Flyer Your Shows

Categories: Nitpick Six

Philip Kromer/Flickr
So easy, even a monkey can do it.
Social media takes the heat for a lot of things. Some people insist that it's responsible for diluting activism and killing personal interaction. Others may recall the recent viral Craigslist post about the restaurant that blamed their slowing service on social media and smartphones, while some scientists have even drawn a connection between Facebook use and depression.

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Mike Birbiglia Preaches the Gospel of Humor On His Ambitious "Thank God for Jokes" Tour

Categories: Comedy

Brian Friedman
Mike Birbiglia
Humor can be expressed in many ways, be it a one-liner, a story, a picture or simply a physical action. It is a unique art form, dependent as much on the performer as it is on the audience. It can exist as an individual entity or take small roles in different forms. A funny character can pop up in a dramatic film, just as a wisecrack can stand alone as a single quip between two individuals.

It doesn't take a comedian to tell a joke, but it does take one to properly deliver that joke. And what separates the comedians from the joke-tellers is the knowledge of how to include their audience as opposed to isolating them.

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Premiere: Finn's Motel Releases New Music Video Made by Blip Blap

Categories: Fiesta!

Video still from Finn's Motel's "Recurring Dream with Halo's Glow"

RFT Music is proud to premiere the new music video for Finn's Motel's "Recurring Dream with Halo's Glow," a bright, warm track off of the bands upcoming album Into the Realm of Jupiter Rex.

With nearly every scene soaked in steep, slanting sun, the video perfectly captures the fading end of summer. The use of light and the clarity of the scenes are representative of the kind of magnetic quality that we've come to expect from local production company Blip Blap Video.

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Cali Handshakes and Insane South Africans at the Die Antwoord Show: Photos

Categories: Snapshots

Bryan Sutter
South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord made a stop at the Pageant last night, bringing Zef style and generalized shock-factor insanity to the Delmar loop. Fans came out in droves as well, ready to have a good time and many even willing to indulge our photographer in what is known as the "Cali Handshake," which basically involves both parties executing the "hang loose" surfer signal with their hands while bumping knuckles.

Hey, its a Die Antwoord show. We can get weird if we want.

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Lady Casa: Queen of the Ravers Launches a PR Push for Her EDM Party Compatriots

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Stian Roenning
Lada Casa.
By Ben Westhoff and Sarah Purkrabek

Lady Casa is perhaps the country's most famous raver, and something of a cult leader to her tens of thousands of fans. When the Miami native makes a pilgrimage to LA and hosts an event on Venice Beach the day after seeing DJ Armin van Buuren, it quickly turns into a mob scene.

Not far from the guy who walks on glass and an Italian tour group, hundreds of ravers wait for hours in a snaking line to get Lady Casa's autograph, hear her wisdom and, most importantly, hug her. The event is billed as her 26th birthday party, as well as a benefit for local animal shelters.

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Sick of it All, Merle Haggard, Chance the Rapper and More in This Week's Show Announcements

Categories: This Just In

Jason Stoff for RFT
Chance the Rapper - Saturday, October 4 @ Chaifetz Arena.
Here again is every newly announced show for the week! On page one you'll find a quick list of shows that particularly caught our attention, followed by embedded YouTube videos of artists you may not be familiar with. Page two contains our complete listing of new shows, so you can do some digging of your own and let us know which ones you are excited about! Click through, and start planning ahead.

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The Inaugural Phases of the Moon Festival Was a Success Despite A Few Minor Bumps

Photo by Mitch Ryals
The Furthur Bus made an appearance. Not the original, but it's more about what it represents, man.

Sam Shear went to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, for college. When he got home to Chicago, he was full of ideas.

Inspired by his parents' love for classic rock music and the West coast's overall love and community, Shear went to his dad, Barry, with an idea for a benefit concert. The two talked about it, put a business plan together, and within a few days they became partners. But the concert Sam originally envisioned, a single-day celebration of California love and a show featuring only one artist morphed into a four-day music and arts festival on 3,000 acres in the middle of the Midwest.

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The Best and Worst of the Inaugural Phases of the Moon Music and Arts Festival

Photo by Mitch Ryals
Inaugural Phases of the Moon Music and Arts Festival.
Brand-new music festivals rarely go off without a few kinks. Despite some interference from Mother Nature, the first year for Phases of the Moon Music and Arts Festival ran pretty smoothly. Located at the 3,000-acre Kennekuk County Park in Danville, Illinois, the festival drew 8,500 people for four days of music, art and community.

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Check Out This Social Distortion Fan Art For Sale on Etsy

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HeroDesignStudio on etsy
Social D is performing at the Pageant on Thursday of this week. The show itself will be a fine place to pick up some merch from the band, replete with dice and flames and probably flaming dice as well. But what if games of chance and arson aren't your thing? How do you show love for the band? With this in mind, we've curated a collection of the coolest Social Distortion fan art available on etsy.

This silkscreen poster by HeroDesignStudio (above) is almost sold out! Better snag one while you still can, Social D fans.

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