The Best Concerts in St. Louis This Week, July 27 to August 2

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Photo by Kenny Williamson | RKNPHOTO
Black Fast is set to release their first record since signing with eOne Music back in November. Read more about that here.

St. Louis sits on a solid foundation of rock & roll (nevermind that pesky New Madrid Fault Line) and this week proves yet again that if you're bored in this city, you're boring. From the sneering voice of Chain and the Gang to bumming in the barroom with American Aquarium, the Mississippi river is flush with guitars. Maybe that's what those flood warnings were about?

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No (White, Straight) Boys Allowed

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Courtesy of No Straight White Guys
From Jerry Lewis' Chinese chef to Dan Whitney's Larry the Cable Guy, playing on stereotypes has long been an integral element in the fabric of comedy. The reason is simple: It's easier to deliver a quick punchline about a shared preconceived notion rather than explain a lengthy set-up.

No Straight White Guys, a monthly comedy show at Foam Coffee & Beer, attempts to place a mirror in front of cultural and gender assumptions promoted within humor. In the process, however, they may have unintentionally raised questions about stereotypes in the world of comedy itself.

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The 10 Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: July 24 to 26

Photo by Bryan Sutter
Glass Animals returns to St. Louis tonight at the Old Rock House. See more photos from the band's performance at LouFest 2014 in RFT Slideshows.

Glass Animals had a standout show at last year's LouFest, and tonight the band occupies the outdoor stage at Old Rock House for a much more intimate gig. Get your brains drunk on pop-punk at CBGB with Color TV or help support the upcoming Acid Kat Festival with a fundraiser at Foam. One could argue that every show is technically for a good cause (art, general enjoyment, etc.) but some are more than others. Kid Rock might be hard to justify, but the price is right at the low cost of twenty bucks.

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Tawaine Noah Brings His Musical Journey to the Stage at Off Broadway

Photo by Carissa Rose
Songwriter Tawaine Noah leads a rotating cast on stage tonight at Off Broadway.

"Almost every other week I was thinking of some reason why we needed to come back to St. Louis," says Tawaine Noah, speaking of his last year spent in Portland, Oregon, living in self-seclusion. Nestled in an apartment complex twenty minutes outside the city, he and partner Carissa Rose gestated, separated from the river city they knew so well.

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Tef Poe's War Machine III: Review and Stream

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Chris Hazou
Tef Poe
On the morning of July 14 -- the day Tef Poe's War Machine III dropped -- the rapper, activist, sometime RFT Music contributed and all-around firebrand was being released from jail.

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Minor League Cardinals Team Very Sorry Corey Feldman Ruined Everything

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Screenshot from the video.
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Wait, is "mighty" the right word?
The State College Spikes, a Pennsylvania-based minor-league baseball team affiliated with the Cardinals, want you to know they are very sorry for letting 44-year-old child star Corey Feldman perform with his band, Corey's Angels, at a recent game.

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The Fog Lights Pull From the Past to Illuminate New Sounds on Manhassett

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Abby Gillardi
Fog Lights' Justin Johnson and Jim Peters.
If it's known to anyone, Manhasset is known as the archetypal tony neighborhood of Long Island, New York -- picture polo fields, tennis courts, ritzy malls and school districts with budgets that exceed the GNP of Puerto Rico. To Justin Johnson and Jim Peters of the Fog Lights, Manhassett (with two "t's") is where they grew up -- the name of a 350-unit apartment complex in Brentwood, located near the Saint Louis Galleria, where the Magna Bank complex now stands.

See also: Premiere: Watch the Fog Light's New Video for "Lead the Way" Now

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Newly Announced: Ace Frehley, Tom Morello, Flux Pavilion, Gang of Four and More

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Press photo via Paradigm Talent Agency
Gang of Four will perform at Old Rock House on October 8.
Here, again, is every newly announced show for the week! On page one you'll find a quick list of shows that particularly caught our attention.

Page two contains our complete listing of new shows, so you can do some digging of your own and let us know which ones you are excited about. Click through, and start planning ahead.

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General Lee Shows Up to Cancer Benefit for Ken McCray

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Courtesy of Ken McCray
Ken McCray poses with the General Lee
Last month, we ran a feature on Ken McCray's ongoing fight against Stage IV colon cancer, as well as the benefit concert that was being planned to help pay off some of his bills. The months of planning and effort from McCray's friends and family seem to have paid off. Last weekend, the St. Louis music community rallied to Mile 277 to show their support for the Superjam and Tilts drummer.

See Also: Best Drummer St. Louis 2014 - Ken McCray

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Ghostface Killah Looking Fresh in a Crispy Cardinals Pullover, Threatening Action Bronson

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Screenshot from video embedded below.
Big Ghost reppin' Cardinal Nation
This week, Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah busted out his finest linens -- a sharp little Cardinals pullover with a zippered neck -- in order to take to the internet and threaten the holy hell right out of Action Bronson.

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