Check Out This Awesome Flyer for Riff Raff's Upcoming St. Louis Show

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Art by @_JakeReeder
Fredbird burns one down with his good pal Riff Raff.
Riff Raff is coming to town -- maybe you already knew. The Diplo-approved rapper also known as Jody Highroller will make a stop at the Ready Room on February 8 -- the last time he came to town was May 23, when he brought giant cardboard cutouts of his own face, venue-shaking trap beats and ratchet babes with him. This upcoming show should be no less a lesson in the absurd.

Case in point: Check out this awesome flyer for the show.

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The Ten Worst Duets in Pop History

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From the "Whatupwitu" video.
This is what a bad duet looks like.
By Ian Gassman

In music, duets are supposed to be simple: Take a composition, divvy it up between two performers and prepare to be wowed. Recently, though, the duet has been put through the wringer by washed-up pop stars hacking it up alongside other celebrity singers who're searching for a hit. With apologies to several great musical pairings, the duet has often become a gimmick. For proof we offer this: the ten worst duets ever. Let us know about your least favorite duets in the comments.

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis From January 26 to February 1

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Better Days releases its new record this Friday at Melt with The Humanoids, Chaos Order and Freak Out.

If Dudes Weekend was any indication, St. Louis is the epicenter for pop punk in the Midwest. Better Days hopes to keep the scene at fever pitch this Friday with launch of its latest album Nope, released by Encapsulated Records. The homegrown Slumfest Hip-Hop Awards show goes down Saturday night at 2720 Cherokee with live performances by local acts throughout the ceremony. After a successful program in 2014, Nathan Cook's Bruxism series returns to showcase experimental artists alongside the release of handmade zines and cassette tapes. For those looking for more low-key affairs, check out the Stone Sugar Shakedown's Monday night jam or DJ Mahf on the 1s and 2s at Pin-Up Bowl.

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CDs Are Dead

flickr/ Brian Teutsch
It's over.
At the height of the dopey youthful experience, I had hundreds of rare European import CDs piled up and displayed by some sort of giant lava lamp rack. They're all gone now, save for a few jewel cases that are sitting in a burlap sack in my bathroom for some reason. I sold them so I could buy weed. I don't miss them, either.

Because I hate CDs.

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Sheryl Crow Stars in Hilarious Video for FIDLAR's Cover of Her Song, "If It Makes You Happy"

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Screenshot from the video.
Cheryl Kro Sheryl Crow
Who knew that FIDLAR and Sheryl Crow were a match made in musical heaven? The Los Angeles skate-punk group has previously covered a range of artists from Nick Cave to Elliott Smith to Pulp, but we can't say we saw a redux of the former Fenton school-teacher-turned-superstar's song coming.

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Memorial Day Summer Rocks Event Canceled, Future Festivals in Question

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Eva Rinaldi / Flickr
The first of the Summer Rocks music festivals will not happen on Memorial Day.
In March 2014, a Los Angeles talent agency known as ICM Partners came to St Louis with a not-so-modest proposal. Board Bill 328 was introduced in the city's Convention & Tourism committee by Ald. Phyllis young, seeking to allow the company to host major "Lollapalooza-like" festivals on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends in downtown St Louis' Gateway Mall. The Memorial Day event would be a country music concert, while the Labor Day event would focus on rock & roll.

The bill was approved by the Board of Aldermen with a 21-4 vote, despite pushback and skepticism from some in the local music community. ICM was granted exclusive access to the city's Gateway Mall for the holiday weekends for the next ten years, with an option to extend the deal to twenty if all parties agreed.

Now, 2015's Memorial Day event has been cancelled, and the future of further concerts is uncertain.

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The 10 Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: January 23 to 25

Photo by Steve Truesdell
Jack Grelle performs a Saturday matinee at Music Record Shop located between the Ready Room and the Demo in the Grove.

Album release shows are like birthday parties, but for bands. These events tend to be overhyped affairs, and for good reason -- they bring out family members, old friends and casual fans alike. And this weekend, St. Louis bands are releasing their records en masse: Bo and the Locomotive slings its soulful indie rock tonight while Ashes & Iron delivers metal to the masses on Saturday. Country fans can find new favorites in Jack Grelle or Falling Fences. To those who just want to party: Scroll down to Dudes Weekend and start to pre-game.

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Exclusive: Stream Bo & the Locomotive's New Album, It's All Down Here From Here, Now

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Bryan Sutter
Bo & the Locomotive
Tonight is the record release show for Bo & the Locomotive's new album, It's All Down Here From Here. The band will be joined by Middle Class Fashion and the Carondelets at Off Broadway ($10 to $13 / 9 p.m.).

Can't wait until then? Well, you're in luck: We have an exclusive stream of the album for you right now.

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Twitter War Between Rappers Is Really a Battle Over the Soul of Hip-Hop

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Meranda Carter
Azealia Banks: Queen of Twitter Tussles
Rappers taking jabs at each other on Twitter ain't nothing new. But after last year's non-indictments for the deaths of Mike Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island by police, social media wars are cutting straight to the heart of hip-hop. Sensationalist reporting of tit-for-tat tweets miss the point: MCs are battling over hip-hop, appropriation, and the culture's responsibility to the black community that birthed it.

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Talib Kweli, Bill Burr Join Nightly Show Panel Discussing Ferguson, Black Protest

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Screenshot from the video.
Comedian Bill Burr and rapper/activist Talib Kweli speak with host Larry Wilmore, Indian model/actress Shenaz Treasury and New Jersey-based U.S. Senator Cory Booker on The Nightly Show.
Filling the enormous vacuum left by Stephen Colbert's departure from Comedy Central is The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, a late-night talk show that now follows The Daily Show. The program debuted this week, broaching the topic of the protests in Ferguson in its very first episode.

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