Listen to Syna So Pro's Loop Talk Vol. 2: Two Riffs and Some Heartbreak

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Corey Woodruff
Syna So Pro
Syrhea Conaway contains multitudes. Her one-woman shows as Syna So Pro make that plain, as she constructs the foundation, framework and artful edifice of a pop song in real time with the help of traditional rock & roll instruments, a few loop pedals and impeccable harmony. Her studio albums can't rely on such showmanship, so they not only give proof of her instrumental prowess -- she handles everything but the drums, which come care of Corey Woodruff -- but also her stylistic shifts between T. Rex-ian pomp and ethereal dream-pop.

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Remembering Jazz Luminary and St. Louis Native Clark Terry, 1920-2015

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/ / Brian McMillen
Clark Terry at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1981.

If it's true that St. Louis is the city of Gabriels, Clark Terry was our must swinging archangel. In the annals of St. Louis jazz, he was second only to Miles Davis for his influence and recorded output. The trumpeter, flugelhornist, mentor, composer and ambassador for jazz passed away at the age of 94 on February 21 at his home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

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Music Record Shop and the Demo Team Up For New Release Happy Hour

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Photo by Rick Giordano
Music Record Shop opened in the Grove in August 2014.

Nestled between two of the Grove's biggest venues, Music Record Shop feels hidden, like some sort of secret utopia for new and used vinyl. The tiny space is packed wall to wall with wax and a small but solid stock of cassette tapes. While some stores specialize in old rarities, this shop brings the latest and greatest on a weekly basis. So to promote the newest releases on vinyl, Music Record Shop has partnered with the Demo to bring New Release Happy Hour, a three-hour listening party with discounts, giveaways and drink specials every Tuesday.

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Paper Diamond Is About "Getting Work Done but Still Knowing How to Party"

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Press photo via Madison House
Paper Diamond will perform at Old Rock House Tuesday night.
Alex Botwin is about to make it rain, but not in the usual way.

You may better recognize the Coloradoan by his professional moniker Paper Diamond. Under this name, he's spent the past four years releasing multi-instrumental neoclassics via Pretty Lights Music and worming his way into the hearts of festivalgoers nationwide.

He's about to release a new EP, Rain Drops, and a concurrent tour that will drip its way into Old Rock House on Tuesday. He named the album in honor of his mission to "control the weather" -- no strippers were involved.

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The Ten Best Musical Moments on Parks and Recreation

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Screengrab via NBC
Not pictured: The Li'l Sebastian hologram.
By Alex Rice

The offbeat workplace sitcom Parks and Recreation has always found humor in the dullness of government work, and it also celebrates the world of music. From '90s hitmakers like Ginuwine and Letters to Cleo to indie-rock heavyweights the Decemberists and Jeff Tweedy to Pawnee's own Mouse Rat and Duke Silver, musical subplots were constantly on the horizon. Just think what the show might've been ifthe RZA been chosen to play Leslie Knope.

That's enough eulogizing, though, especially since there's still two episodes to go. After making it clear that this whole thing is a massive spoiler alert, let's take a look at the ten best onscreen musical moments in Parks and Rec history.

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis From February 23 to March 1

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Photo by Marc Nader
Koffin Kats returns to St. Louis this Saturday at Fubar with local openers Opposites Attack.

This week brings the calm before March's storm of touring acts coming to and from SXSW -- a great side effect of festival season. Don't let the cold cripple your love for local music -- DJ Crucial's release show at Blank Space on Friday is a good place to start. For fans of blues, punk and hip-hop, there's a great gig every night this week. Read on for just a small sample of our city's vibrant music scene.

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Steve Aoki on How His Gigs Are "About Gettin' Crazy and Going Wild," With or Without Cake

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Courtesy of SLE
Steve Aoki is scheduled to perform on Monday, March 2, at the Pageant.
By Benjamin Leatherman

As you might have heard recently, Steve Aoki is cutting back on the cake. More specifically, the electronic dance music icon has stated that he's ceasing his trademark stunt of throwing sheet cake at audience members during shows, at least at big EDM festivals where he's a support act.

"If I'm on a multi-tiered lineup and I'm in the middle of a bunch of different artists, I don't want to cake a bunch of non-Aoki fans on accident," he says.

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Six Videos of Hozier Before He Was Famous

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Screengrab via YouTube
Hozier in 2011 -- playing to almost no one.
By Reed Fischer

Love Hozier or hate Hozier, but don't say the 24-year-old didn't work hard to get to where he's at. The Irish singer's got stubble on his face these days because there's been no time to shave over the past three years.

Well before "Take Me to Church" surpassed 100 million YouTube views -- back when he was still known as Andrew Hozier-Byrne -- the man who just did a duet with Annie Lennox on the Grammys diversified his musical gifts for a variety of musical pursuits. Did you know he was even a backup singer for '80s pop star Billy Ocean?

Without spoiling the surprises, some of the blue-eyed soul singer's choices proved more admirable than others. Here are six videos, in chronological order, that tell the story of Hozier's musical life before he was famous.

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Are "Surprise Albums" the New Normal?

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Photo by Marco Torres
Kendrick Lamar has also been the subject of recent surprise-album rumors.
By Alyssa Dupree

If you're reading this and are just now finding out about Drake's new album, you're a little late.

In your defense, the Canada-based rapper just dropped his new mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, via Twitter in the late hours of February 12, creating a bit of a shock to fans who had been anxiously awaiting his purported album Views from the Six.

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The 10 Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: February 20 to 22

Photo by LeAnn Mueller
Jessica Lea Mayfield returns to St. Louis this Saturday at Off Broadway. Check out our extensive interview with Mayfield from May 2014.

Don't let sub-zero temps snap you into hibernation mode. This weekend brings plenty of ways to get warm and wild with fellow music fans. The Firebird celebrates its anniversary twice -- one night brings the best in local indie-rock while the next offers riffy metal. From the avant-garde strings of Okkyung Lee on Saturday to the stripped down shoegaze of Military Police on Sunday, St. Louis is a veritable Baskin-Robbins of sonic flavor. Oh and a quick PSA, for the greater good of every basement across the region: leave your faucets at a drip, people.

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