The Ultimate Musician Movie Cameo Quiz

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Anthony Kiedis, Point Break (1991).
Not all cameos are equally coveted: A good cameo creates an undeniable rush (I know that person!) that widens the eyes and forces the viewer to blurt out the musician's name when he or she appears on the big screen, like Anthony Kiedis in Point Break. An even better cameo, in which the musician is cleverly disguised or appears so briefly, leaving you puzzled, forces you to rewind. (Was that just Alex Van Halen in Robocop?!) A bad cameo, like Vanilla Ice's dance routine in 1991's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret Of The Ooze, is a mockery. Despite which kind of cameo we find, one thing is certain: We always enjoy seeing a familiar face in an unfamiliar territory.

Let's test your knowledge where movies and music collide. Can you correctly name which musician appeared in the following films? Check your answers on the last page.

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77 Things I'd Rather Do Than Listen to a 77-Song Wilco Rarities Box Set

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Alpha Mike Foxtrot, the upcoming Wilco rarities collection.

I have an issue with Wilco. It's a personal beef. My problem is this: Wilco is considered a Chicago band and the band members encourage this bullshit fallacy.

Wilco is from St. Louis, goddamnit.

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Meow the Jewels Reaches Kickstarter Goal, World Isn't So Bad After All

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Killer Mike, El-P, "and a shitload of cats."
Run the Jewels, the brainchild of renowned producer/rapper El-P and co-conspirator Killer Mike, has garnered piles of attention, praise and accolades since its 2013 debut. While the two artists themselves are no strangers to genre-bending and brow-raising collaborations (the pair recently released a song featuring comedian/Police Academy star Michael Winslow and another featuring Rage Against the Machine's Zach De La Rocha), their most recent announcement is so far out of the box that it should likely be spinning across the galaxy.

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Tig Notaro Coming to the Ready Room, Teases Material on "Plain and Simple Ridiculousness"

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Tig Notaro is coming to St. Louis to make you laugh at cancer. (Don't worry, it's okay.)
It's been little more than a year since Tig Notaro last stopped in St. Louis, but that was a something of a surprise show in Maryville University. So if you missed her then, this is your chance to not let this wildly praised comic slip through your fingers twice.

Notaro's cruising into the Ready Room on October 20, bringing her uniquely mellow, subversive style of storytelling with her. That style has a lingering, slow-burning pace to it, which may be best observed in her epic tale of accidentally stalking actress Taylor Dayne -- but Notaro's brilliance arguably lies in her heavier material. Her breakout album Live dealt with Notaro's bout with cancer in 2012, as well as host of other ailments and personal tragedies. The album became an instant standup classic, drawing a Grammy nomination and the breathless praise of none other than Louis C.K.

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The 10 Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: October 17 to 19

Press Photo
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Sunday, October 19 @ Off Broadway.
This weekend features some heavy hitters, including sold-out shows for both the Carolina Chocolate Drops at the Old Rock House and Weezer at Plush. Not to worry, though. There are still plenty of worthwhile concerts to check out over the next few days. Choose from Crushed Out or Shonen Knife at the Firebird, Jason Derulo at the Pageant, Allen Stone at the Ready Room and more. Our recommendations await after the jump.

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Alarm Will Sound Plays St. Louis Twice This Weekend

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Carl Socolow
Alarm Will Sound

When Alarm Will Sound's managing director Gavin Chuck spoke to us back in April he said, "We've got a mission to make St. Louis our second home." In keeping true to those words, Alarm Will Sound returns to town this weekend for two hallmark performances -- tonight at the Sheldon Concert Hall and Sunday night at the Public Media Commons.

Alarm Will Sound is a twenty-piece chamber ensemble specializing in contemporary classical music. From the works of Steve Reich to Aphex Twin and even the Dirty Projectors, the massive group has written and performed a staggering number of arrangements. It's' even taken on the great challenge of replicating electronic songs with acoustic instruments -- in a live concert setting, no less.

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Ted Nugent Talks "Ferguson Thugs" and a "Plague of Black Violence" in Editorial Piece

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Photo by Jim Bricker
These days, rocker Ted Nugent is probably as well known for his outspoken views on politics and nutty interviews as he is for his music. After taking heat earlier this year for calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel," Nugent is now speaking out about the shooting of a police officer in Ferguson in late September. In an editorial on the site World Net Daily, he shares his thoughts in a rant about the "plague of black violence that has infested our inner cities."

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James Brown Was a Complicated Dad, Says New Book

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Chicago Review Press
Dr. Yamma Brown, whose Father was the Godfather. Got that?
James Brown was, of course, the Godfather of Soul and the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. But all the work he did to grab those titles over decades seemed to come crashing down through much of the '80s and '90s.

That's when he derailed into years of drug and domestic abuse, erratic behavior, weapons charges, a carousel of women and questionable business deals. His name became more a punch line for comedians than a pillar for music writers, the low point being a crazy-looking mug shot and an actual stint in a South Carolina prison (remember the "Free James Brown" T-shirts?).

But his crash and burn was no laughing matter to some members of his family, especially daughter Yamma.

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Living Like Kings Multimedia Exhibit Links Chess and Hip-Hop

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via Facebook
World Chess Hall of Fame

When it comes to chess, hip-hop is king.

That's one of the ideas behind the World Chess Hall of Fame's new exhibit Living Like Kings: The Unexpected Collision of Chess and Hip Hop Culture. Exploring the connections between the game of kings and what is arguably music's most strategic lyrical genre, Living Like Kings demonstrates the creativity needed to achieve checkmate on a number of levels.

It doesn't hurt that Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA is one of the exhibit's most passionate backers, either. The influential rapper and producer is the director of outreach at the Hip-Hop Chess Federation and recently visited St. Louis to celebrate the opening of Living Like Kings.

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The Musical Side of My Little Pony: Meet the Shake Ups in Ponyville

photo courtesy of the band
Meet Twi-fi Sparklecaster and Professor Savvyshy of the Shake Ups in Ponyville.

St. Louis has no shortage of tribute bands. Elevation channels U2, the newly formed We Bite! personifies the Misfits, and at least ten acts impersonate their big-name heroes every year during An Under Cover Weekend. Plus we've got countless cover bands like Dance Floor Riot and the VCRs that expertly play the best hits without sporting the crazy costumes and makeup.

But what the Gateway City doesn't have is a tribute to My Little Pony, that '80s toy bastion of friendship and sparkles. Thankfully, that temporarily will be remedied this weekend when Indianapolis power-pop band the Shake Ups in Ponyville performs during Crystal Fair, St. Louis' own MLP convention. Hooves up, Bronies!

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