Music Record Shop Opens in the Grove In Between Ready Room and Demo

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Rick Giordano
Hidden behind a line of 100-plus giddy teens waiting for doors to open for the Rixton show at the Ready Room, Music Record Shop quietly opened for business for the first time this past Wednesday. The storefront is nothing fancy. A single red door sits in brick next to a hand-painted window as a neon sign gives all the info needed to peak a record collector's interest... MUSIC. Inside, a modest-sized room is filled with fresh, beautifully packaged new vinyl from every genre. Highly sought-after reissues from Faith No more, Outkast, Bathory and Killing Joke sit alongside new releases, punk-rock classics, local artists, an impressive collection of horror-movie soundtracks from the UK's coveted Death Waltz label and more.

With its focus on new import vinyl and catering to the local market, this is a record shop with a vibe that's more specialty store than garage-sale rummage. There are a couple of CDs and a small rack of cassettes, mostly from smaller indie labels, but the star of this shop is unmistakeable; crisp, clean, collectible new wax.

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St. Louis' Creative Community Responds to Ferguson and Michael Brown

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By Patrick Milford

In the week and a half since Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, national attention has been turned on Ferguson, and it looks like it may stay that way for quite awhile. Brown's family is coping with loss, Wilson's actions are being investigated, protesters are marching nightly through Ferguson and militarized police are trying to deal with rioters and looters.

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The Best Concerts in St. Louis From August 18 to 24

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Press Photo
ZZ Top - Sunday, August 24 @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
This week, locals Everything Went Black kicks off a tour at the Firebird and FarFetched's Blank Generation makes its debut at Schlafly Tap Room. More featured shows include Otis Gibbs at Off Broadway, Zero Boys at Fubar and ZZ Top at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Read on for these recommendations and more.

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Video Premiere: Lizzie Weber Goes Wilde on "Nightingale," Plays Tonight at Old Rock House

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Screenshot from the video.
When local singer/songwriter Lizzie Weber released her self-titled debut album earlier this year, she introduced herself and her work with an immersive, striking video for her song "Falling Like Fools." Directed by Carla Dauden and featuring some grade-A cinematography, the video helped illustrate some of the full-hearted drama on Weber's apt debut.

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Hands On With Stephen Favazza Of Hands and Feet

Courtesy of Stephen Favazza
The cover of Sour Times, the debut LP by Hands and Feet.

In this weekly column, RFT Music gets to know local creatives, musicians and their missions. Get a slice of the local scene, complete with a snippet of sound and info about upcoming releases and shows. Stick around to see what St. Louis artists have to say whenever they Fill in the Blank.

Stephen Favazza of Hands and Feet never intended on being what's referred to as a "solo artist." With that term comes the assumption of one man or woman sitting onstage with an acoustic guitar (or an iMac) and generating music -- all alone.

"At first I just wanted to record music and introduce the songs I wrote to others who might be interested in playing with me. The Hello,Hello.... EP is what came out of that. I have never really been into solo acts too much. Saying that, I have seen some amazing people play some amazing solo shows, but never thought it was for me," Favazza says.

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DJ Hobbbz Spins An Open Format at the Debut of HG Danceclub Tonight

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Welcome to Hey DJ, a series that delves into the St. Louis DJing scene. Get to know some local music lovers and their quirks as they fill out our short answer questionnaire, and find out where to catch them around town.

Courtesy of Julian Kussman
DJ Hobbbz.
Julian Kussman is DJ hobbbz, a decidedly strange misspelling of his childhood favorite, Calvin & Hobbes. This Friday, August 15, he'll pump out his music collection featuring an open format at the soft opening of new downtown spot, HG Danceclub (2617 Washington Avenue).

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10 Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: August 15 to 17

Jon Gitchoff for RFT
Katy Perry - Sunday, August 17 @ Scottrade Center.
We think it goes without saying that it's been a long week in St. Louis for everyone: T.G.I.F. Celebrate the art and music culture of the city by checking out a show this weekend. The concert calendar's ripe for picking. Locals Cara Louise Band and Kisser release new recordings, the Bob Reuter birthday show takes over the Ready Room, Doorway hosts a pajama party, Woodstock in the Grove goes down at Atomic Cowboy and much more. Read on for our recommendations.

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Dumbass RFT Music Editor Locks Keys in Car at Site of Ferguson Unrest, Is Stupid Dumbass

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Roger Wollstadt/Flickr
Technically not my car, but a good enough approximation.
[Note: The situation in Ferguson is as such that even lowly music journalists such as myself have felt compelled to report on the scene -- I wrote this article, which was published Wednesday -- despite having more experience with things like Ra Ra Riot than real-life riots. In keeping, I am an idiot who probably has no business being on the ground, and who should probably be leaving this work to RFT's actual news reporters, whose work has been simply astounding. I offer this article as my case in point. Hopefully it can bring a small amount of much-needed levity and laughter to a city in the midst of a terrible situation. This story occurred on Wednesday night, before the St. Louis County force was replaced by the decidedly less-militarized state troopers. Enjoy.]

At approximately 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night, after hitting several police roadblocks around the site of the protesting in Ferguson, I finally found a way to drive into the fray, popping out just behind the line where police were turning away cars. I parked on a residential street that runs perpendicular to W. Florissant, and the first thing I saw was an armored personnel vehicle 40 yards away from my position, loaded with cops dressed in all their military finery. Nearby, I watched other police officers dropping smoke flares on the ground and turning away cars that were coming through. One of the full-riot-gear police stood in the middle of the street, holding a shotgun and telling vehicles and pedestrians alike to turn around and go the other way. Overhead, a police helicopter repeatedly shined a spotlight on pedestrians including myself, flashing it to indicate further that we should leave, and just south of my location police had begun deploying rubber bullets, flash grenades, tear gas and sound cannons.

In awe of the scene, I stepped slowly out of my car and shut the door, distracted and neglecting to realize I had left my keys sitting on the passenger seat. I figured it out two seconds after the door closed, as is often the case in these matters.

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Bob Reuter To Be Remembered By St. Louis Community in Show At Ready Room Saturday

Categories: Local History

photo by Jaime Lees
Bob Reuter giving a partial thumbs-up outside Off Broadway in 2011. (He was unsure how to feel about being forced to wear my STL bling necklace.)

I keep wondering what Bob Reuter would have to say about the recent violence and civil unrest in St. Louis. He would have a lot to say, no doubt. He always had a lot to say.

That was probably my favorite thing about him: how he could go on and on about any old thing. The man could spin a yarn. Most of his stories seemed to be exaggerated for effect, but that was part of his charm. In any case, Reuter seemed incapable of keeping his mouth shut. In a world where many commentaries are muted or diluted for a potentially disapproving audience, Reuter would've been talking and commenting all over the Internet and losing Facebook friends left and right. He would've been blabbing, and it would've been entertaining, at least, and possibly infuriating. Or it might have been insightful and wise. He was unpredictable, that Bob.

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The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows: August 2014

Categories: DIY

Much Worse - Macrocosm Is A Wash LP

Are you sick of being responsible? Does it annoy you to have to follow rules or be pro-social? Do you like basements? Well, if you are a goofy, degenerate weirdo who doesn't quite fit in anywhere else, you might consider our city's hardcore/punk shows.Your underlying anger problems can be brought out to their fullest potential (in a positive way). These are my recommendations for great local and national bands that don't play five-minute (marathon!) songs or remind you about drink specials. General rule of thumb: If you have five bucks and can show up by 9 p.m., then it's go time in the pit. One, two, fuck you!

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