OK, Let's Talk About Katy Perry's Halftime Show

Jon Gitchoff
Different outfits, same idea. Katy Perry got weird during her Super Bowl XLIX performance just like she did during her 2011 show at Scottrade Center. See more photos here.

Look, we know that the recent round of pop stars infiltrating the Super Bowl halftime show has upset football purists who just want to see old white dudes play guitar. And, yeah, after what feels like a gazillion years of nothing but safe performances by Paul McCartney and Tom Petty, a butt-shaking, deliciously sweaty Bruno Mars might be a little overwhelming.

That's why Katy Perry was a genius when she combined pop princess hijinks with old-school nostalgia.

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Garth Brooks & St. Louis Blues Team Up for Kids' Hockey: Photos

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Allison Babka
Former St. Louis Blues right wing Kelly Chase and country star Garth Brooks are "Teammates" for life now.

Do country music and hockey mix? The former conjures up images of cowboy hats and tractors, while the latter brings to mind mouthguards and Blur's "Song 2." These aren't exactly related interests.

But in St. Louis, anything goes, especially when there's an opportunity to help local kids. That's how country megastar Garth Brooks and a bevy of St. Louis Blues players got together to bring hockey to children at the Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club in north St. Louis.

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Justin Timberlake Spotted in Crowd at Garth Brooks Concert at Scottrade Center: Photos, Video

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via Instagram
Justin Timberlake and Garth Brooks, you know, just hangin'.
We already knew that country megastar Garth Brooks had friends in low places, but we were surprised to learn last night that Justin Timberlake was among them.

Fans spotted the "Suit & Tie" singer getting his country groove on during Brooks' concert at Scottrade Center on December 4 -- the first of four shows Brooks has scheduled for St. Louis. But the cool thing, our readers excitedly tweeted, was that Timberlake enjoyed the concert from the seats, not from the stage.

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Billy Bragg Performs Surprise Set at the Royale For Ferguson: "Liberty and Justice for All!"

Bryan Sutter
Billy Bragg addresses a crowd of about 100 people on the Royale's patio. See more photos here.

Billy Bragg stood at the microphone toward the end of his set at the Royale, thoughtfully looking up into the night sky as he tried to put words to what's happening in Ferguson.

"The true enemy is our own cynicism," Bragg finally told the audience. "We have to fight to overcome that cynicism. We have to show the world that St. Louis is not a cynical place, a place where people give in to their worst impulses."

Bragg, known worldwide for speaking out against human-rights violations and bigotry, performed an hourlong set at the Royale on just a few hours' notice, deciding to stop in St. Louis as he made his way south to Arkansas on a photography tour of the old Rock Island Line railroad path for Aperture magazine. Several performances over the next week are planned, but Bragg and fellow guitarist Joe Purdy already have made a habit of impulsively playing where they've felt moved to do so, such as outside a school in Illinois where teachers were striking for better pay. St. Louis was just such an impulse stop.

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5 Things We Learned During Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' Tour at Scottrade Center

Bryan Sutter
Miley Cyrus has kicked "Hannah Montana" to the curb for good. See more photos here.

If last night's gleeful tongue wagging and enthusiastic dry humping were any indication, Miley Cyrus has definitely licked whatever ailed her this spring.

After cancelling her original April date due to hospitalization for an illness, Cyrus made good on her promise to make it up to St. Louis during last night's rescheduled "Bangerz" tour show at Scottrade Center. The former Disney star slid down a giant tongue, pranced around the stage and engaged her audience with passion, and though the show wasn't perfect, it certainly was amazing to see. From gyrating bears to shout-outs to her "hillbillies," Cyrus gave her all.

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Beck Performs In St. Louis For the First Time In Fourteen Years: Review and Photos

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Jason Stoff
The Pageant

As Beck stepped on stage in front of a capacity crowd at the Pageant last night, he looked younger than he should. His hair was cropped short, a leather jacket stylishly complimenting his black jeans and Hawaiian-ish button-up. Here he was, his first show in St. Louis in fourteen years, and alongside him were guitarist Smokey Hormel and bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen -- two musicians that have been with Beck during his best moments but who have been absent for most of the last decade. As the three ripped into opener "Devil's Haircut," it felt like the band was back together. The evening proved to be a career-spanning whirlwind with no shortage of nostalgic hits.

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Dandy Warhols Rock the Ready Room; Wolfmother Approves

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The Dandy Warhols
Jason Stoff

The Dandy Warhols may have been the big draw to the Ready Room last night, but eagle-eyed music lovers actually caught two headliners.

RFT Music photographer Jason Stoff reports that during Thursday's show, he spotted Australian band Wolfmother rocking out to the Dandies. "They were all at the Ready Room enjoying the show," Stoff says.

Indeed, Wolfmother confirmed Stoff's sighting with this photo on the band's Facebook page:

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Wolfmother at the Pageant 5/6/14: Photos

Steve Truesdell
Australian rock trio Wolfmother performed at the Pageant last night, bringing its psych-influenced hard rock to its loyal fans in St. Louis. We sent photographer Steve Truesdell to the show to capture the highlights. Here are our favorite photos from the night.

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Thrown Beer, Broken Equipment and Rock & Roll: A Black Lips Review

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Jon Gitchoff
Black Lips at the Firebird. Check out our full slideshow here.
It was just after 10 p.m. when the fog machine began belching clouds and the house music was cut. As the members of Atlanta, Georgia's Black Lips took the stage, cheers erupted from the near-capacity crowd at the Firebird. Lead guitarist Ian Saint Pé was the first to speak.

"Remember now," he began. "If it's perfect, it's not rock & roll. Let's go!"

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Arcade Fire Chooses Pageantry over Music 4/27/14: Recap, Setlist, Photos

Jason Stoff
Win Butler of the Arcade Fire gets off on confetti. See more photos.

A severe thunderstorm may have been raging outside Chaifetz Arena last night, but within its walls, the Arcade Fire was busy whipping up a different type of shower.

On April 27, 2014, the gazillion-piece band from Montreal made it rain at least five times during its first St. Louis show since 2011. There was no water or dollar bills to be found, though -- this downpour was all confetti. Three bursts during opening song "Here Comes the Night Time," an explosion during "Normal Person" and a blowout during "Reflektor" set up and maintained a party atmosphere that encouraged nonstop reveling, and fans happily complied.

But the deluge of showboating occasionally made us want to hide under the pink umbrella we'd brought in with us.

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