Ben Folds, SLSO Sex Up Powell Hall 4/13/14: Review, Setlist

Michael Wilson
Ben Folds and the St. Louis Symphony made beautiful music together.

In this week's print edition, renowned pianist and songwriter Ben Folds makes the case that going on a date at the symphony is akin to foreplay -- that the atmosphere is a perfect prelude to a little bump and grind. We could say that about many musical endeavors. After all, music and sex have been intertwined for a very long time -- well before Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus pantomimed the nasty at the Video Music Awards or Elvis Presley had his gyrating lower half cut off from the Ed Sullivan Show.

But there's certainly something about a live orchestra that inspires a rush of blood to our private parts, so as we set out to review Folds' second of two nights with the world-class St. Louis Symphony, we decided to track which songs created the biggest stirrings in our loins. Spoiler alert: we didn't have to fake a damn thing.

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The Party People of Psychotronic 8 at Old Rock House: Photos

Jon Gitchoff
Blindfire Entertainment hosted Psychotronic 8 on March 15, 2014, at Old Rock House. Photographer Jon Gitchoff swung by just before midnight to grab some photos of the party people in action.

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The Blind Eyes' Last Stand in Photos

Jon Gitchoff
After seven years and three releases, the Blind Eyes made a final stand this past Saturday at Off Broadway. The band was joined onstage by Jenn Malzone and Brian McClelland of Middle Class Fashion, and Jon Hardy & the Public opened the show, with DJ sets by KDHX's Jeff Hess and bobEE Sweet between sets. We sent photographer Jon Gitchoff to the show to catch the highlights.

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Photos: The Shell Corporation at No Coast 3/8/14

Matt Pfaff
Paper + Plastic's latest signee, the Shell Corporation, hit St. Louis on Saturday night for a show at No Coast Skateboards' new location on Morganford. Local punks Better Days and the Humanoids performed as well, with all proceeds going to fund St. Louis' first legal skate park, coming soon to south city's Bevo neighborhood.

We sent photographer Matt Pfaff to the show to capture the highlights for us.

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Reggie and the Full Effect Did Not Disappoint Last Night at Fubar: Review and Setlist

Categories: Last Night

Press Photo

"Bury me in St. Louis. Actually no, i want to be shot in space in a fucking rocket, but this place holds a very special place in my heart. My family lives here. I lived here for six months."

Veteran emo-rocker James Dewees has nothing to prove. A member of seminal groups the Get Up Kids and Coalesce, Dewees started his own one-man band, Reggie and the Full Effect, in 1998. On record he plays the part of both "Reggie" and "The Full Effect," performing all the instruments and vocals with guest spots from a host of people including "Fluxuation," a new-wave dance artist, and "Common Denominator," a Finnish metal band fronted by Dewees as "Klaus." Reggie concerts usually give a little time to all three, including props, costume changes and plenty of fake blood. The spectacle has even toured and recorded with My Chemical Romance and New Found Glory.

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Neutral Milk Hotel's Triumphant Return to St. Louis at the Pageant, 2/5/14: Recap and Setlist

Categories: Last Night

Press Photo
NMH was not allowing photography on this tour, so here is a handout photo.

Neutral Milk Hotel | Elf Power
The Pageant, 2/5/14

It's been a long time since Neutral Milk Hotel's last St. Louis show. Specifically, the group last played here in 1998 at the Galaxy Bar, with Superchunk. Lead singer Jeff Mangum did play a solo show at the Sheldon Concert Hall in January of 2013; it was an excellent opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with some classic songs and their seldom-seen songwriter. In the interim, the revived Neutral Milk Hotel -- currently in the midst of a worldwide tour -- got no closer than Columbia, MO. Last night, however, Mangum and company finally returned to St. Louis, with a show that could only be described as "triumphant."

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Super Bowl Highlights: Fully Clothed Bruno Mars Gets More Swoons Than Shirtless Anthony Kiedis

Jason Stoff
Bruno Mars made our private parts tingly way back in 2010. Read our review from his show at Pop's.

Some of us at RFT Music aren't football fans, so we had giant lists of excuses not to watch the Super Bowl last night: grocery shopping, building an apiary for our new bees, organizing colored pencils in Roy G. Biv order, washing our hair, washing our iguana's hair, etc.

But we finally came up with one reason to view the long, boring affair: the music. Love it or hate it, the Super Bowl's halftime show always inspires watercooler chatter, plus plenty of commercials feature tunes by both our favorite and most-loathed artists. So why not just cover the music and spend the rest of the night by the chips and dip?

Below, in chronological order, catch some of the most talked-about (and tweeted-about!) musical moments from Super Bowl XLVIII -- at least from the first half. After Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers, we got bored and left. Tell us about your faves in the comments!

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Review: Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey Deliver the Blues at the Sheldon Concert Hall 1/31/14

Jim Herrington
Bo Ramsey and Greg Brown

The night before Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey returned to St. Louis and the Sheldon Concert Hall, there was a show at a club across town that featured a rock band called the Hold Steady. You've probably heard of them, and you've probably heard about that sold-out show. The words "joy" and "powerful" and "community" and "party" were tweeted as often as fists were pumped, and speaking just for myself, my feet never touched the ground until Craig Finn and his ten-year-running band left Lemp Avenue for another show in Louisville.

But there's more than one way to skin musical transcendence.

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Prince Blesses The New Girl, Forces Us to Watch This Stupid Show

Categories: LOLZ, Last Night

@NewGirlOnFox | Twitter


First, a little context. I hate Zooey Deschanel. Yeah, she played LouFest that one time and I know that some of you adore her, but I seriously can't stand her precious twee ways, her cotton skirts, her giant eyes and her abhorrent "singing." I know, I know: I have issues.

But until eight gazillion commercials featuring Prince and Zooey cuddling aired during the Super Bowl, I totally forgot that The Artist Formerly Known As Prince But Once Again Known As Prince was a huge fan of The New Girl and had worked his way onto an episode of the show. And here we freaking are.

See also: Check Out This Awesome Prince Fan Art

If you missed what surely ranks as one of the worst post-Super Bowl episodes of any show in the history of forever, you're lucky. But if you're curious about the purple crapfest, here's what went down:

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Review: Roky Erickson, Black Angels at Firebird's 5th Anniversary Party 2/1/14

Categories: Last Night

Ron Baker
Roky Erickson performing at Austin Music Awards in 2008.

Saturday's show at the Firebird -- the venue's psych-rock-heavy, five-year anniversary -- was a not unlike consuming a handful of hallucinatory drugs for the first time: the anticipation/anxiety of waiting, wondering when the magic is going to start, the ecstatic release, the moronic "What happened?" blur of loud noises and inebriated friends and a droning comedown of a night simply dripping with the joy and mayhem of rock & roll. The crowd's diversity spoke to the ability of good music has to bring the strangest groups of weirdos together (70-year-old farmers mixed with 40-something drunk punks and seemingly anyone who has purchased a Tom Petty hat and/or bolo tie in the past 5 years). It really was a hell of a party.

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