Six Music Nerds We Put Up With

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Dave Watt

Much like the insufferable word "hipster," "music nerd" is a loaded term. Not that obsessing over vinyl, headphones, tour dates and obscure Dutch tape music will get you stuffed in a metaphorical locker or anything -- nowadays, nerds are embraced as society's cool kids (see: the San Francisco tech boom, the North Brooklyn music explosion, the mainstreaming of Comic Con, Game of Thrones, etc). But unless you never leave the safe, weirdo-beardo confines of your similar-minded friends, admitting your love for epic doom metal, chiptune, '80s college rock or avant-guarde free jazz can result in a lot of eye rolls from the normies.

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Five St. Louis-Based Music Festivals that Draw Out-of-Towners

Steve Truesdell
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at LouFest this year.
Our beloved St. Louis -- celebrating its 250th birthday this year -- is on an uptick. The city has tech startups out the wazoo, gets recognized for all kinds of cuisine and is one of the most literate cities in the nation. Basically, we're surrounded by awesome stuff at all times.

But new residents and visitors also are flocking to St. Louis because of its music community, which has grown significantly in national visibility over the past five to ten years. Earning a reputation for both quality and quantity, the Gateway City has plenty of festivals that stack lineups of nationally known artists for surprisingly low (or free) ticket costs. In fact, we may even get another one downtown in 2015! In the meantime, here are five local music festivals that keep the tourists visiting, the music playing and the beer flowing.

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Musical Match-Making: Six St. Louis Musician Couples Share Their Experiences

Karen Horton | Flickr

It's Valentine week, and l'amour is in the air. No matter if we love or loathe this Hallmark holiday of chocolates, teddy bears and extra-special sex, we all can agree that local music makes our heart sing. But for some St. Louis couples, there's no line between the romance and music. By writing, recording and performing together, these couples bring an additional level of trust and communication to the stage.

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For this week's print edition, we spoke with six St. Louis-based couples about the ups and downs of sharing band life, but our interviewees had plenty more to say than could fit into the article. So below, learn even more about how love, life and lyrics come together for the couples in CaveofswordS, Cree Rider Family Band, Letter to Memphis, Beth Bombara, Ragged Blade Band and Scarlet Tanager.

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Ten Fun Facts About the Beatles' Ed Sullivan Debut, 50 Years Ago

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Holy crap, this happened 50 fucking years ago.

Fifty years ago this week, the Beatles ushered in a new era in pop music and youth culture when they made their first live appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. While the four lads from Liverpool were still mostly unknown to Americans in 1964, they were already the most hyped rock and roll band in U.S. history by the time they arrived from England at New York's Kennedy Airport. More than 40 percent of U.S. televisions were tuned in to Ed Sullivan that night to see what the fuss was about.

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Six St. Louis Acts Leading the Local Scene

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Bunnygrunt Photo Booth 2.jpg
File photo
Bunnygrunt is ready to be the grand marshall of our local-music parade.

Apparently, some football game happened recently, and it was a big deal. We weren't really paying attention; we only watched to see Bruno Mars cause a swoonfest with his sexy dance moves and Bono fight AIDS with his sunglasses. You know -- the stuff that matters.

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But the Super Bowl got us thinking about leadership. You have to be pretty awesome to be named a team captain, right? Common sense, good character, sweet professional moves -- those qualities play a big part in what being a leader is all about.

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Six St. Louis Bands Named After Animals

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cuatrok77 | Flickr
The New Guinea singing dog ain't got nuthin' on St. Louis bands.

St. Louis music really makes us roar. With their catchy lyrics, fierce hooks and fills, and boundary-pushing experiments, local acts definitely know how to claw at our hearts. It makes sense, then, that so many area bands and solo artists are showing their wild sides with beastly monikers. Below, check out six St. Louis acts that use a variety of critters as their spirit animal muses.

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Six St. Louis Acts Named After Body Parts

Tracy Sachs
Hazard to Ya Booty

Local music makers really touch us, you know? Bands create melodies that just reach out and grab us, stroking our brains and hearts in a way that's only mildly inappropriate. But it's not only the tunes that grope for our attention; plenty of St. Louis bands also are named after body parts that caress our souls. Below, check out six acts that rub us the right way while teaching us all about anatomy.

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Six St. Louis Acts That Keep It In The Family

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Jarred Gastreich
David and Jeff Lazaroff are probably laughing about some brotherly inside joke that you wouldn't understand.

During last week's Snowpocalypse, many of us were trapped for days with family members. AGONY, AMIRITE?

Sure, for a few of us, that so-called "polar vortex" might have been grounds for murder, but for many St. Louis bands, the forced post-holidays togetherness simply meant more practice time. Below, check out six local acts that have learned to get past their sibling rivalries to create music that's the pride of any family reunion held in Forest Park.

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The Top 20 St. Louis Concerts of 2013

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Steve Truesdell
Pokey LaFarge at Casa Loma
Well, 2013 is coming to a close and the year-end lists are pouring in from all corners of the music universe. St. Louis saw more than its fair share of incredible live music over that last 365 days, with stops from the much-hyped (Chance the Rapper, Masked Intruder), the much-adored (Iron Maiden, Method Man) and the long-overdue (Saint Vitus, Nine Inch Nails, Jeff Mangum). Add to those some unforgettable local shows and it quickly becomes undeniable that 2013 was one for the history books. Here we run down our favorites -- click on the headlines to read the original stories we published about the shows.

A list like this is entirely subjective, of course, and we'd love to hear about the notable live music you saw this year -- be sure to post your favorite shows of 2013 in the comments.

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Eight St. Louis Bands to Watch in 2014

File photo

We often wonder if every St. Louis musician made some kind of blood oath on December 31, 2012, promising to grind out a gazillion shows and EPs over the next twelve months. Their joy over surviving the Mayan apocalypse is the only way we can explain how 2013 was even more fan-freaking-tastic than usual for local music, with bands, collectives and solo artists all raising the bar in homegrown entertainment.

But we know even more good stuff is coming in 2014, from every type of artist in every genre. In particular, we're keeping an eye on the following eight acts, which have promised us (OK, and you) albums, tour dates and a whole lot more, proving themselves 314 to the core.

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