Listen to Pokey LaFarge's Full New Album, Something in the Water

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Steve Truesdell
Pokey LaFarge performing live at the Casa Loma Ballroom.
Pokey LaFarge's upcoming Rounder Records debut, Something in the Water, is now available to preorder, as well as stream online in full.

The official release date for the record is April 7, but if you head on over to this Pandora link you can listen right now. (Note: You need an account to do so, but they are free and Pandora is neat anyway, so go for it.)

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How St. Louis' American Wrestlers Signed to a Respected Label Before Ever Playing a Show

Press photo via Fat Possum Records
Gary McClure of American wrestlers.
Late in 2014 mysterious rumblings from a few music blogs told tales of a reclusive Scotsman living in Missouri. He was releasing music under the name American Wrestlers, but no one knew his name, his pedigree or his story. That such a vaunted record label as Fat Possum Records, onetime home of the Black Keys, would be releasing American Wrestlers' music only led to further intrigue.

The reality is a little more mundane. Gary McClure, the man behind American Wrestlers, lives a quiet existence with his wife in Benton Park. By day, he unloads trucks for UPS. In his free time, he records rippling, kinetic rock songs on a bare-bones setup. When asked about the mystery behind his band's rollout, McClure shrugs off the idea of self-promotion, something the soft-spoken 34-year-old is not especially skilled at.

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Local Bands and Videographers: Send Us Your Music Videos

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Screenshot taken from "Bad Investments" by local rapper Con.

Video (apparently) killed the radio star decades ago, and now we sit here in the future with every Youtube video literally at our fingertips. In the last month alone we saw brand-new music videos from Con, Ciej and Maximum Effort -- just to name a few. Ranging from low-budget basement flicks to the kind of glossy big productions you might see on MTV2, local bands are releasing music videos now more than ever. Did you just pour your soul into an audio visual masterpiece? Send it to us, and we'll share it with the rest of the world.

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Pretty Little Empire to Perform Stripped-Down Set at Halo Bar Following Demetri Martin Show

Daniel Perea
William Godfred and Justin Johnson of Pretty Little Empire.
When comedian Demetri Martin performs at the Pageant this Thursday, March 26, he'll finally have the chance to hang with his new best friends in Pretty Little Empire.

OK, so the St. Louis indie-rock quartet hasn't actually met the former Important Things with Demetri Martin host. In fact, its members are not even sure Martin knows they exist, despite sharing roles in bringing comedy film The Last Time You Had Fun to life recently and having director Mo Perkins as a connection in common.

But maybe all of that will change when PLE performs at the Halo Bar directly following Martin's standup show.

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Ambitious Last In the American League Project Pursues Kickstarter Funding

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Last in the American League album cover.

With ambitious plans including a double LP and book release, Last in the American League (or LITAL, for short) hopes to not only become a reality, but to be a defining snapshot of a blooming St. Louis creative scene.

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Atomic Cowboy Expands With the Bootleg, the Grove's Newest Venue

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All photos by Mabel Suen
Thunder Biscuit Orchestra performed at the Bootleg's soft opening on February 6.

For nearly a decade, the site at 4140 Manchester Avenue has been in flux. The space has had many names -- Novak's, the Spot, Foxhole and, most recently, the Demo. Last Friday, the room reopened as the Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy, the latest addition to the Grove's growing list of concert venues.

"We used to surprise people. We used to enjoy being spontaneous, and we did that right in the midst of our restaurant. Nowadays, we want people to know what they're going to get when they walk through the door," says Atomic Cowboy owner Chip Schloss.

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Listen to Pokey LaFarge's Ridiculously Catchy New Song, "Something in the Water"

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The album cover for Pokey's upcoming Rounder Records debut, due April 7.
Yesterday, Rounder Records -- new home to the music of St. Louis' own Pokey LaFarge -- announced an April 7 release date for his debut album for the label, entitled Something in the Water. Accompanying the announcement is a short video with footage from the studio and a portion of the album's title track playing in the background.

And it is ridiculously, toe-tappingly catchy.

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Twelve St. Louis Submissions for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest

Screenshot from Al Holliday's entry.
The Tiny Desk Concert series from "All Songs Considered" host Bob Boilen is looking for new talent, and St. Louis is coming out in force.

Who knew that such an itty-bitty desk could have such a big impact?

The Tiny Desk Concert series on National Public Radio (NPR) has been a hit since it was introduced in 2008. During what is literally a bunch of musicians crowding around All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's office desk to perform a few tunes, the series has showcased different sides of artists such as T-Pain, Skinny Lister and Yo La Tengo. The virality of favorite concerts via social media has given a surge of popularity to retro acts and millions of potential fans to newer bands.

And a St. Louis act just might be next.

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St. Louis' Bryan Ranney Launches 'Not a Ukulele' Tour, Overdoses on SpongeBob

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Bryan Ranney's "Not a Ukulele" tour page
Don't call it a ukulele.

There are plenty of stringed instruments out there -- guitars, banjos, zithers, harps, ukuleles, mandolins. But, as St. Louis musician Bryan Ranney warns, they're not the same thing, dammit.

Besieged over the years with questions about the latter two mentioned above, Ranney is out to set the record straight during his recently launched "Not a Ukulele" tour. Ranney tells RFT Music that upon seeing him play his mandolin, audience members have pondered what it is, grasping only that it's a strangely shaped guitar-type thing and automatically (and kind of inexplicably) assuming that it must be a ukulele. Early on, Ranney even considered creating t-shirts saying "Not a ukulele."

"The idea came to me again a couple of months ago. I thought, 'Hey, I've got a friend who makes t-shirts; I should just run with this,'" Ranney recalls. "From there, I thought I should make a sticker, and then it became a brand for the tour."

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Art of Live Festival: A Guide

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Photo by Pooneh Ghana
Cloud Nothings closes out the Art of Live Festival this Sunday at Old Rock House.

This weekend's Art of Live Festival is sure to shore up communal vibes across five area venues including the Demo, Old Rock House, the Firebird, Off Broadway and the Ready Room. This four-day fest encourages show-hopping by offering $35 wristbands for every event -- without it, you'll pay the typical ticket price at the door. Here we have laid out everything the festival has to offer, with links to music, so you can decide which shows you want to attend. What are you looking forward to? Read on and let us know in the comments section below.

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