Anne Tkach to be Honored with Tribute Show By Friends and Fellow Musicians on Friday

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Nate Burrell
Anne Tkach with Rough Shop, one of many bands she was a part of over the years.
By Thomas Crone

Anne Tkach would never have dreamed of being the focus of a crowd's attention. Instead, she was happiest when playing alongside a talented band -- even if that meant being viewed by the audience as a complementary player, rather than the central character known to her bandmates.

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Music Record Shop Purchases Massive Vinyl Collection From Private Owner

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Derek Schwartz
Just some of the massive collection of records purchased by Music Record Shop last week.
Late last week, Mark Carter, owner of the Music Record Shop in the Grove, received the kind of phone call that record collectors dream of.

It came from a woman in south St. Louis county, who years earlier had inherited a massive collection of vinyl from a family member who had been a DJ. The woman was preparing to move, but before she could, she had to find a home for the thousands of records in her garage.

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Tour Van Break-Ins Return to St. Louis After Brief Reprieve

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Courtesy of Radio Birds
Radio Birds are just one of three bands whose van was broken into last weekend.
Around 8 a.m. on Saturday, June 20, Colin Dean stepped outside of the Crowne Plaza hotel in Clayton. In addition to playing drums in the Atlanta-based rock band Radio Birds, Dean serves as its unofficial mechanic, and on this particular morning he'd planned to look at the van in which he and his bandmates had been living for the last month. On the drive from Bloomington, Indiana, to St. Louis the day before, they had noticed a slight tremble in the steering wheel. Dean figured he would address the problem before it turned into something more serious.

Except that when he stepped into the parking lot of the hotel where they had left the van the night before, it was nowhere to be seen.

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Vintage Vinyl Partners Split; Lew Prince Moving On

Photo by Jon Scorfina
Lew Prince (left) and Tom "Papa" Ray at Vintage Vinyl.

Tom "Papa" Ray is now the sole owner of Vintage Vinyl. After more than three decades of sharing duties with co-founder Lew Prince, Ray assumed full ownership yesterday, as Prince moves on to new adventures. Both men talked to the Riverfront Times, sharing their pride in the store. The reason for the split? As Prince says, "I did this for 35 years. My kids graduated from college and it's paid for. My house is paid for. Now I get to do something different. It's just that simple."

Vintage Vinyl started in 1979 when Ray and Prince began selling used records out of a booth at Soulard Farmer's Market. The business thrived and eventually put down roots on the west end of the Delmar Loop in University City.

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CNN: National Blues Museum Among Top 10 Anticipated World Attractions

Google Maps
The National Blues Museum, under construction on Washington Avenue.

What do the National Blues Museum and Hello Kitty have in common? They're both on CNN's hot list.

Since the National Blues Museum announced in December that it had achieved its funding goal and would begin construction in downtown St. Louis immediately, blues fans and news outlets alike have been championing the museum. Cable news behemoth CNN is the latest to jump on the bandwagon, touting the museum as one of ten "exciting attractions opening in 2015." CNN writer Mark Johanson includes the National Blues Museum on his list of most anticipated venues from around the world, along with Hello Kitty Park in China, Funtasy Island in Indonesia and the National Videogame Arcade in England.

Here's what Johanson says about St. Louis' upcoming attraction:

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9 St. Louis Bands That Called It Quits In 2014

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Photo by Theo Welling
Kentucky Knife Fight performed their final show to a sold-out crowd at Off Broadway.

When local bands form, they become part of their city's DNA. Even in the digital age, music can reach an audience years after its members have passed, so the mere act of writing, recording and performing adds to the ether of St. Louis art. Music is an aural look into the lives of the people, and by taking account of the bands we lost in 2014, we can learn more about each other through the music of today.

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National Blues Museum Meets Fundraising Goal, Begins Construction on World-Class Blues Experience

Google Maps
The home of the National Blues Museum on Washington Avenue.

When the National Blues Museum announced on December 11 that it had completed financing and was ready for construction in downtown St. Louis, business executives and music fans around the metro region became excited. After all, a world-class tribute to the blues located on Washington Avenue could drive all kinds of economic and cultural development.

But Rob Endicott, chairman of the board of the National Blues Museum, isn't merely excited about the museum; he's also confident that this is the piece that will forever connect the Gateway City with a style of music that has contributed so much to America's rock & roll legacy.

He should know. He's a blues musician himself.

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A Salute to the Supporting Cast of Run the Jewels 2

Screenshot from "Run the Jewels" video.
That guy in the back, with the RAP FAN hat? He used to be a St. Louis hip-hop mainstay.
By Phillip Mlynar

By now, you've had a few weeks to play El-P and Killer Mike's magnificent Run the Jewels 2 on repeat. (If not, quietly chastise yourself and then head over here and download it now.) While the chemistry between Mike and El is an undeniable draw, the Run the Jewels movement has also bloomed into something of an ensemble project, with a coterie of behind-the-scenes cohorts also contributing to the album. Consider this a salute to the faithful jewel-running supporting cast.

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Watch Film and Commercial Clips Featuring Songs by St. Louis Bands

Screenshot from preview below.
This scene from The Last Time You Had Fun features the song "Now Is Not the Time" by St. Louis' own Pretty Little Empire.

Most local musicians don't aim to have their songs on Dance Moms and other reality shows. Sometimes they're just lucky that way.

Actually, a bit more than luck brought indie-pop band Scarlet Tanager together with the Lifetime television program in 2013. As we note in this week's feature story, the St. Louis group had licensed songs to a major music library that places tunes in television shows. Rock group Pretty Little Empire also has had success placing songs on TV and in film, though that band accomplished the feat not via a song library but through people already familiar with its catalog.

So what's the deal? Do musicians give up the rights to their songs when they let an entertainment entity use the tunes?

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Apop Records: An Oral History From the Local Music Community

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Courtesy of Tiffany Minx
Beryl, the Apop Records store cat.

By Joseph Hess and Mabel Suen

Patrons of Apop Records found a wide range of intriguing things to peruse and amuse the years, from half-naked no wave bands to Beryl the grouchy-yet-lovable store cat. When Tiffany Minx opened the store in 2004, she planned on running the operation for maybe five years. Now, after a decade of slinging counterculture ephemera, she's ready to move on. The brick-and-mortar storefront on Cherokee Street will offer up its last slabs of wax on Monday, October 27.

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