Nelly Wins Award at AMAs, Performs "Ride Wit Me" with Florida Georgia Line, Reps St. Louis

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Screenshot from the video.
Nelly at the AMAs.
On last night's American Music Awards, hometown boy Nelly made an appearance alongside country music duo Florida Georgia Line, performing his 2001 single "Ride Wit Me" off of Country Grammar, following a performance of FGL's "Cruise," for which the band and Nelly won the "Single of the Year" award.

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Arsenio Hall Performing "Country Grammar" in an Ozzie Smith Uniform: But Where's the Backflip?

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Arsenio Hall performing "Country Grammar" in an Ozzie Smith uniform, NOT doing backflips.

Last night, Nelly returned to the Arsenio Hall Show to collect on the bet he and Hall made on Tuesday of last week. The wager was over whether the Dodgers or the Cardinals would triumph in the recent series for the pennant: If the former, Nelly would perform his breakout hit "Country Grammar" wearing a Dodgers uniform; if the latter, Hall would perform the song, dressed in Ozzie Smith's duds.

Arsenio Hall proved himself a man of his word...well, mostly.

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Nelly Wins Baseball Bet With Arsenio Hall; Hall Must Perform "Country Grammar" in Cardinals Jersey

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Cards fans, Nelly fans, fans of Arsenio Hall: This is delicious. On Tuesday of last week, Nelly made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show to promote his latest album, M.O., right in the midst of the Cardinals-Dodgers series for the pennant.

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Nelly to Sit In on NFL Network's Broadcast of Tonight's Rams vs. 49ers

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Erin Kinsella
According to a post on Nelly's Facebook page today, the St. Louis rapper will be calling tonight's Rams/49ers game on the NFL Network.

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Nelly to Work With a Bee On Upcoming Project

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Theron Thompson
Nelly, at a Timberwolves game
On Friday our sister paper in Minneapolis, the City Pages published this story chronicling the Minneapolis sightings and Twitter-ings of St. Louis' most famous St. Lunatic, Nelly. According to reports, Nelly is in the midst of finalizing a deal with Minneapolis-based General Mills cereal (the hashtag "mustbethehoney" has been spotted in use as well, leading one to believe that Cheerios' advertising may be in for a Nelly-inspired revamp).

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The Mug Shots of Hudspeth County: Nelly's Bodyguard, Fiona Apple, Willie Nelson

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Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office
Brian Keith Jones was arrested this week while traveling with Nelly.
Nelly's tour bus was stopped this week in Sierra Blanca, Texas, where authorities found 36 bags of heroin, ten pounds of weed and a loaded handgun. Much, much more information here. His bodyguard, Brian Keith Jones, claimed ownership of everything, and he is currently awaiting arraignment in Texas. But Nelly is far from the first big name to make the wrong kind of headlines heading through Hudspeth County.

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Nelly and Crew Busted in Texas with 36 Bags of Heroin, 10 Pounds of Weed and a Loaded Gun [Many Updates]

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Erin Kinsella
Nelly in happier times, performing in Kiener Plaza.
Update, 9:00 a.m.: We spoke with Jay E, producer of almost every song on Country Grammar and frequent Nelly collaborator. While he certainly isn't about to condone anyone's actions here, he is urging restraint. After all, none of us were there. He posted the following on his personal Facebook page yesterday afternoon and agreed to let us reprint it here: "For the people emailing, texting, and what nots about what info they got today. Please read... Maybe even read this twice...

Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. - Matthew 7:1"

Update, 10/12: Nelly speaks: Via Twitter, obviously, since this is 2012. His take on his bodyguard's illegal substances, below.

Update, 3:15 p.m.: We've got calls and messages out to several people close to Nelly. So far there's been no response, but we'll let you know once we have something.

Update: We've got a statement from the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office -- it's below.

Nelly took his tour bus through Sierra Blanca, Texas last night. Probably a nice little town to make a stop unless you are carrying a shitload of contraband. Which, as it turns out, Nelly's bus was: Specifically, 36 bags of heroin, ten pounds of weed and a loaded .45 caliber pistol.

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Here is Nelly Performing "Hot in Herre" with the Roots (Video)

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Image via
Well this is awesome. Nelly, fresh off his blowout headlining gig downtown last weekend, landed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Which means that, like all Fallon's musical guests, he got to play with the Roots as his backing band. And, perhaps because he's re-evaluating his musical legacy or perhaps because he was there promoting his Ex'treme Institute and not a new album, he did the best possible thing: played "Hot in Herre." Video below.

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Remembering Tega, A St. Louis Rapper Who Couldn't Shake Criminal Past

There are plenty of musicians who died before getting definitive time in the musical spotlight. Tega -- a rapper who was affiliated with Nelly's St. Lunatics -- is sadly in that category, as he passed on while he was in the midst of climbing the musical ladder.

Tega -- whose real name was Oretga Devon Henderson -- was part of Da Camp, a rap group that often performed with Nelly and Murphy Lee. By 2009 the group had put out some mixtapes and was in the process of completing a full-length album.

But by the end of May of that year, Tega had died after succumbing to injuries sustained in a shooting.

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"Hot in Herre" Turns Ten

Nelly's "Hot in Herre" is 10 years old. The song paved the wave to Nelly becoming a mainstream pop star.
Most of Nelly's monster hits have neat-and-tidy legacies. "Country Grammar," for instance, introduced the world to Nelly's distinctive style and persona. "Dilemma" showed that Nelly could put forth a commercially-successful slow jam. And "Air Force Ones" proved to be the landmark rap song about shoes, a feat that even Soulja Boy couldn't top.

"Hot in Herre's" contribution to Nelly's meteoric rise is a bit more intangible. It wasn't the most commercially successful, controversial or unusual song Nelly put forward in his career. But Nellyville's triumphant single - which is now ten years old - proved to be the St. Louis native's dominant foray into broadening his already sizable appeal to mainstream audiences.

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