Kinfolks Soul Food Festival Leaves Forest Park Trashed, St. Louis Crowd Furious

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Micah Usher for Riverfront Times
Fans at Kinfolks Soul Food Festival on Saturday -- before things got messy.
An Oklahoma-based production company with an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau did little to improve its reputation during a stop through St. Louis on Saturday.

Slideshow: Kinfolks Soul Food Festival in Forest Park

Those who attended the Kinfolks Soul Food Festival on Forest Park's Art Hill complain that the event was mired from the start. Fans had to stand in excruciatingly long lines to enter the festival, even as temperatures soared into the upper 90s, and then wait 40 minutes between musical acts once the event finally got under way. And the problems didn't end when the much-delayed festival finally wrapped at 12:45 a.m. -- nearly two hours after it was supposed to have concluded. As the sun rose on Sunday, park officials realized that no one from Kinfolks Soul Food Festival had bothered to clean up litter from the event that left Art Hill looking like a debris field.

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Gospel Rappers: Katy Perry Stole Our Song, Tarnished Its Message with Witchcraft

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Katy Perry in the video for "Dark Horse," which includes depictions of "black magic."
Katy Perry and rapper Juicy J have damaged the reputation of several gospel rappers by stealing their work and associating it with anti-Christian witchcraft, paganism, black magic and Illuminati imagery, according to a federal copyright lawsuit filed this week in St. Louis.

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