Watch Film and Commercial Clips Featuring Songs by St. Louis Bands

Screenshot from preview below.
This scene from The Last Time You Had Fun features the song "Now Is Not the Time" by St. Louis' own Pretty Little Empire.

Most local musicians don't aim to have their songs on Dance Moms and other reality shows. Sometimes they're just lucky that way.

Actually, a bit more than luck brought indie-pop band Scarlet Tanager together with the Lifetime television program in 2013. As we note in this week's feature story, the St. Louis group had licensed songs to a major music library that places tunes in television shows. Rock group Pretty Little Empire also has had success placing songs on TV and in film, though that band accomplished the feat not via a song library but through people already familiar with its catalog.

So what's the deal? Do musicians give up the rights to their songs when they let an entertainment entity use the tunes?

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The Ultimate St. Louis Band Summer Mixtape

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All week long we're rolling out content from our Summer Guide 2014. In it you'll find all the best ways to enjoy the season in and around St. Louis. Click here to read the rest of the guide or pick it up in print at the red Riverfront Times box nearest you.

Music and summertime are forever intertwined, capturing the joys of the present and, years later, invoking sweet memories. We've all got a song that instantly takes us back to watching Dad burn hot dogs on the grill or gossiping poolside with our best friend or making out with Joey Miller in the backseat of his mom's Oldsmobile.

St. Louis has plenty of bands that create the kind of music that will bring the summer of 2014 flooding back to you years from now. From empowering rock anthems to sexy R&B jams to relaxing folk ditties, Gateway City musicians do it all. Below, check out our St. Louis summer playlist with songs that are perfect for speeding down I-55 or taking a siesta under a tree in Forest Park

Just click through -- we've built the entire playlist in Spotify for your listening pleasure.

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