Pearl Jam Grunts Out an Incredible Three-Hour Set at Scottrade Center: Review, Setlist, Photos

Steve Truesdell
Eddie Vedder performs with Pearl Jam at Scottrade Center on October 3, 2014. See more photos here.

Forget about Sting and his never-ending tantric sex. Pearl Jam just proved that its own Eddie Vedder is the master at giving it to us long, hard and deep.

Pearl Jam rocked a packed Scottrade Center on October 3 with three exhilarating hours of hits spanning the band's 25-year career. Three hours. Let that sink in. Three freaking hours. That's how long the Gilligan's Island crew was to have been on their doomed boat. That's longer than many baseball games. That's almost enough time to drive across the state to Kansas City. Three hours. An epic set like that is practically unheard of these days, but the grunge gods made sure that every glorious minute counted.

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Review: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Humanoids at the Pageant 9/12/2014

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Press photo
What a fun, goofy night for punk rock. The vibe in the air this Friday night felt like a high school reunion of sorts, with a bunch of people fulfilling a pact to all return to a time capsule of that which made 1996 great. It is unusual to see so many people over the age of 35 look as excited for the show as the young record collector nerds that show up. If you took a glance at almost anybody in the crowd who wasn't there as a favor to a ska-friendly relative/companion, you could see the mid-to-late 90's party flashbacks overcoming their senses.

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Billy Bragg Performs Surprise Set at the Royale For Ferguson: "Liberty and Justice for All!"

Bryan Sutter
Billy Bragg addresses a crowd of about 100 people on the Royale's patio. See more photos here.

Billy Bragg stood at the microphone toward the end of his set at the Royale, thoughtfully looking up into the night sky as he tried to put words to what's happening in Ferguson.

"The true enemy is our own cynicism," Bragg finally told the audience. "We have to fight to overcome that cynicism. We have to show the world that St. Louis is not a cynical place, a place where people give in to their worst impulses."

Bragg, known worldwide for speaking out against human-rights violations and bigotry, performed an hourlong set at the Royale on just a few hours' notice, deciding to stop in St. Louis as he made his way south to Arkansas on a photography tour of the old Rock Island Line railroad path for Aperture magazine. Several performances over the next week are planned, but Bragg and fellow guitarist Joe Purdy already have made a habit of impulsively playing where they've felt moved to do so, such as outside a school in Illinois where teachers were striking for better pay. St. Louis was just such an impulse stop.

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Queens of the Stone Age Delivers a Short But Sweet Set at Pointfest: Review, Photos and Setlist

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Jason Stoff
Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age was a perfect choice for the Point's (KPNT 105.7) annual Pointfest. After all, QOTSA is one of the only bands able to strike the balance between the muscular rock that appeals to the station's listeners and the arty sensibilities that resonate with indie audiences, thus ensuring mass appeal. The California desert quintet played up to the former crowd that dominated the venue with a set that leaned on its hardest-rocking material, resulting in a thunderous and thrilling performance.

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Arcade Fire Chooses Pageantry over Music 4/27/14: Recap, Setlist, Photos

Jason Stoff
Win Butler of the Arcade Fire gets off on confetti. See more photos.

A severe thunderstorm may have been raging outside Chaifetz Arena last night, but within its walls, the Arcade Fire was busy whipping up a different type of shower.

On April 27, 2014, the gazillion-piece band from Montreal made it rain at least five times during its first St. Louis show since 2011. There was no water or dollar bills to be found, though -- this downpour was all confetti. Three bursts during opening song "Here Comes the Night Time," an explosion during "Normal Person" and a blowout during "Reflektor" set up and maintained a party atmosphere that encouraged nonstop reveling, and fans happily complied.

But the deluge of showboating occasionally made us want to hide under the pink umbrella we'd brought in with us.

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Goblin Comes to St. Louis for the First Time: Recap and Photos

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Jon Gitchoff
Goblin. Click here to see our full slideshow.
Before last night, Goblin never performed in St. Louis. Until 2013, the Italian prog-giants spent 30+ years touring Europe and scoring horror movie soundtracks without ever stepping foot in the United States. Its first tour, earlier this fall, brought the band to sold-out venues in several major cities, but St. Louis was sadly skipped over. By all accounts, any diehard fan was to travel to Chicago to get their fix, because who the hell knows when (or if) Goblin will return?

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Voodoo Glow Skulls, Toasters Hit Home Runs at the Firebird 10/23/13: Recap, Setlists

Allison Babka
Brothers Jorge Casillas and Frank Casillas perform with Voodoo Glow Skulls.

St. Louis Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday may have rounded all four bases Wednesday night in Boston, but two bands playing back in the 314 were the ones who hit the real home runs.

Punk stalwarts Voodoo Glow Skulls and ska elders the Toasters brought the sweet sounds of success and perseverance to the Firebird -- sounds the Redbirds wouldn't hear as they fought through the first game of the 2013 World Series against the Boston Red Sox. Though it is storied entities with ever-shifting lineups -- Voodoo Glow Skulls formed in 1988 and successfully meshed hardcore punk with ska and Mexican music, the Toasters began in 1981 and was instrumental in third-wave ska pervasiveness, the Cardinals were established in 1882 and have a gazillion World Series titles and league pennants -- the bands proved that the Cardinal Way wasn't the Only Way.

Let's look at the scorecards.

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Photos: Chuck Berry Last Night at Blueberry Hill, 10/9/13

All photos by Steve Truesdell for the RFT.
Chuck Berry last night at Blueberry Hill.
The godfather of rock &, Chuck Berry, played his monthly show at Blueberry Hill last night to a packed house of loyal fans.

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Review: An Under Cover Weekend 7 Delivers Two Nights of Memorable Music

Dots Not Feathers, performing as Queen
Here we are again. The weekend has succeeded in melting into Monday, and An Under Cover Weekend is embedded in lore until next September. The annual event, which draws sold-out crowds to the Firebird each year has left us until next September. An Under Cover Weekend 7 showcased the technical prowess of bands like the Feed and the Incurables, and the simple beauty of Scarlet Tanagers' harmonies. It gave Bredon Jones of Last To Show First To Go reason to flex vocal muscles he wasn't even sure he had. It also gave rise to a new guard who will satisfy St. Louis' stomach pains for another show-stopping act like Via Dove, who after five cycles bid AUCW adieu.

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Last Night Blowfly Stole My Girlfriend and Called My Dick Puny

Mabel Suen

The Firebird. 2/6/2013.

"Yo, this is fucked up. Listen."

Blowfly shuffled on stage last night to spit his piece on pussy hell, incredible fucks and the real first rap. In a world with justice, it would have been shoulder-to-shoulder and cramped, but the Firebird was only half full, with enough room to break dance but no one shaking their asses. If you don't know Blowfly, you need a damn history lesson, but that's not my job. I was blessed by Blowfly's raunchy, raucous performance last night, but not before a baptism by Black James.

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