Tonight's Found Footage Festival to Include VHS Hilarity from St. Louis

Courtesy of the Found Footage Festival
Hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett share wacky VHS stories during a Found Footage Festival show.

The Internet thrives on virality. If you watch it, you share it. It's how YouTube stars are born, and it's why an eleven-minute homage to '90s sitcom credits has racked up 2 million views in less than a week.

But those millions of viewers are watching at different times, in different places and on different devices. What's missing is a group of friends -- possibly high, possibly gorging on Domino's -- gathering in a living room to laugh uproariously and give each other the "What the fuck?" look every time a dude on an infomercial insists that his cat-training video will bestow riches and sexiness beyond viewers' wildest dreams. That's where the Found Footage Festival comes in.

Uh, the crazy-video part, not the stoned-and-hungry part.

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Humdrum Launches Hilarious Smear Campaign Against RFT Music Awards Nominees

press photo
Don't get on Humdrum's bad side, politicians!

Whew! Voting for nominees in the 2014 RFT Music Awards closed over the weekend, and we'll announce the winners in our special shindig tonight at Atomic Cowboy! In general, RFT Music Awards nominees have been pretty sweet in the way they've campaigned for votes. Local musical acts posted adorable band photos to Facebook and said "Please" when asking Twitter followers to vote via text. We're in St. Louis, after all -- we have good manners.

But that all changed once Humdrum was nominated for a 2014 RFT Music Award in the "indie rock" category. Willing to do anything for a win, Humdrum launched a hilarious video campaign with the political firepower of The West Wing and a fierce intent to destroy the band's opponents -- Aquitaine, Bear Hive, Pretty Little Empire and Sleepy Kitty. So as not to play favorites, we waited until voting closed to report about this, but trust that it is awesome.

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Bo & the Locomotive Questions Some Kids on HuffPost Live

Bryan Sutter
The new Bo & the Locomotive lineup.

It's not often that bands get to turn the tables on music journalists, but that's what happened when HuffPost Live gave St. Louis group Bo & the Locomotive the opportunity to question the young ladies at Kids Interview Bands last Friday.

During during the June 6 broadcast, HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps first chats with Connie and Olivia, two seventh-graders who regularly interview bands such as Slayer and Matt & Kim. At the 1:59 mark, the girls even dish on their conversation with Insane Clown Posse, calling it their weirdest interview ever and claiming that the ICP fans are "scary."

But then we get to the first of two segments featuring STL's Bo & the Locomotive, and everything quickly becomes more adorable than you'd ever imagine.

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Adorable St. Louis 5-Year-Old Releases Rap Video About Black History, Is Awesome

Screenshot from the video.
Looks like a member of last year's RFT Music Awards winner for "Best Hip-Hop Group" has spawned a Mini-Me -- and damn if he isn't talented and adorable.

Heir Jordin is the five-year-old son of drummer and Doorway rapper RT-FaQ, and he's already following in Daddy's footsteps. Born Jordin Jackson-Prince, the tyke has taken a shine to rapping and recently released his debut song and video, "Proud History," which celebrates his African American culture and heritage.

"He's pretty excited," says RT-FaQ. "He keeps asking me, 'Has the world seen it yet?' I told him it's going to take some time, but it's coming."

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Premiere: New Video By the Finns, Reuniting This Saturday

photos by Toby Weiss, via The Finns Facebook page

St. Louis indie-rock legends the Finns will reunite to play a show at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room this Saturday. As with its previous reunion shows, this event is a must-see for fans of power pop or St. Louis music history.

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Video: The Dive Poets and Beth Bombara, "Longtime Gal"

Categories: St. Louis Video

So, the Dive Poets will be embarking on a tour in June 2011. Dates are to be determined, but bassist Jeff York notes he won't be along for the ride. (Neither will drummer, Renato Durante.) Bummer for sure, although both men have a formidable fill-in: Beth Bombara. To show off this slightly modified configuration, the band and Bombara recently filmed a video for the song "Longtime Gal." It's quite lovely, as you'll see below:

Tef Poe Releases "Out the Kitchen" Single, Filming a Remix Video with Kanye West Pal GLC

The other day, Tef Poe released a new single and video, "Out the Kitchen." The latter is found below; as you can hear, it's a measured, forceful song. A remix of the tune (which you can also snag below) has a featured appearance from GLC, who's part of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. While Poe and a whole slew of fellow Force members are in Austin for SXSW (more on that next week), he and GLC will be filming a video for the "Out the Kitchen" remix. Oh and by the way: GLC will also be playing at the Gramophone on March 21.

MP3: Tef Poe, "Out the Kitchen" (featuring GLC)

Video: Family Affair, "Rotation"

Categories: St. Louis Video

Judging by all the quality music that's surfaced in recent weeks, Cicero's is the place to be tonight if you dig local hip-hop. On the bill is Tef Poe -- who shared thoughts about his new album, War Machine, and his 2011 plans with A to Z earlier this week -- the Chalk Boyz, Whiteout and Family Affair. The latter act is releasing a new mixtape, Before the Return, on January 31, and a few days ago it unveiled a track from the release, "Rotation." It's a creative leap forward for the act, a brisk, catchy tune with hooks, taut percussion and scratching galore. Check it out below. The Cicero's show starts at 8:30 p.m., and admission is $7.

Video: Rockwell Knuckles, "Silly Human" and Left Arm, "Electric Babies"

Over the holidays, Rockwell Knuckles unleashed the video for his killer 2010 track, "Silly Human." Says Rocky about the video, on Twitter, "Nothin' says lovin' like a conceptual video about brainwaves transferred into cyberspace." That's about right.

Rockwell Knuckles Silly Human Music Video from TrulusersTV on Vimeo.

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Video: Bryant Stewart, "We On"

Categories: St. Louis Video

Last week, we named Bryant Stewart one of our twelve artists not to overlook in 2011. Well, it's not next year yet, but he has already delivered a formidable release: a new video for the song "We On," from the forthcoming Not Quite There. A stinging rock guitar sizzles in the background, matching Stewart's foreboding flow. Totally addictive. Check it out:

"We On"