OK, Let's Talk About Katy Perry's Halftime Show

Jon Gitchoff
Different outfits, same idea. Katy Perry got weird during her Super Bowl XLIX performance just like she did during her 2011 show at Scottrade Center. See more photos here.

Look, we know that the recent round of pop stars infiltrating the Super Bowl halftime show has upset football purists who just want to see old white dudes play guitar. And, yeah, after what feels like a gazillion years of nothing but safe performances by Paul McCartney and Tom Petty, a butt-shaking, deliciously sweaty Bruno Mars might be a little overwhelming.

That's why Katy Perry was a genius when she combined pop princess hijinks with old-school nostalgia.

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Russell Simmons Says Miley Cyrus Will Join #BlackLivesMatter Movement, Internet Confused

Bryan Sutter
Miley Cyrus: the hero the world needs.

Hearts are heavy around the country right now, with protests happening in many cities in honor of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other black men who have been killed by police. Plenty of musicians -- from Nelly to MC Hammer, from Tom Morello to Nickelback -- have spoken out through song and action against injustice, but more voices are needed.

Perhaps it's time for Miley Cyrus to step in.

LOLZ, no, we don't think so. But apparently Russell Simmons does. According to St. Louis American managing editor Chris King, the Def Jam cofounder claims that Hannah Montana will enter the #BlackLivesMatter fold:

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That Time the St. Louis Symphony Dressed Like a Motorcycle Gang: Photos

via @adamcrane | Twitter
These St. Louis Symphony bassoon players were born to be wild.

Thanks to pop culture, we're all familiar with plenty of weird motorcycle gangs, like the demons that ripped apart the Buffybot or the macho guys who became Pee-wee Herman's best friends after a little "Tequila."

But an orchestra's bassoon players wearing leather chaps and acting like badasses? Really?

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Reader Reactions to Nickelback's Place in Ferguson Affairs: An Educational Dialogue

Screenshot from the video shown below.
Chad Kroeger of Nickelback is making that face because he's thinking really hard about Ferguson.

When browsing Teh Interwebz, it's important to adhere to the golden rule: DON'T READ THE COMMENTS. For real, people (including some of you and some of us) just go batshit insane when it comes to spouting their opinions regarding guns, UGG boots, burritos, kitten mittens, rain on a Monday, potholes, Gremlins 2: The New Batch or anything, ever. Trying to parse the logic behind the rhetoric simply rots the brain, so we do not recommend it.

We'll make an exception, though, when it comes to reading comments on stories about Nickelback. While we're still scratching our heads over why Chad Kroeger and friends felt compelled to weigh in on Ferguson issues, we're nonetheless grateful for the band's convictions. Otherwise, we might not have your insightful thoughts about music's place in activism and world affairs.

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Mike Birbiglia Tempts Michael Ian Black with St. Louis Fame, Pi Pizza

@birbigs and @michaelianblack on Twitter
Will Mike Birbiglia and Michael Ian Black know the love of Pi Pizza?

Really good pizza is a universal love. We should know: our dining critic just gushed over A Pizza Story and one of our news reporters eats so much deep dish that he's filled with pepperoni grease instead of blood.

In fact, pizza is so delicious that comedian Mike Birbiglia tried using it to lure fellow funny dude Michael Ian Black to St. Louis. Birbiglia brings his "Thank God for Jokes" tour to the Pageant on Friday, September 19, and the comedian thought maybe Black might enjoy some local pie.

But naturally, the conversation went to hilarious hell. Here's what happened in this saucy tale of bro-love:

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2014 Tony Awards: Hugh Jackman Raps with T.I., NPH Humps Kevin Bacon

LL Cool J | Instagram
T.I., LL Cool J and Hugh Jackman are big fans of The Music Man.

For some of us, watching the Tony Awards is like seeing our skewed, preferred version of reality come to life. Dancers prance about in peacock feathers and sequins, people sing spontaneous lyrics about running to the restroom and almost everybody gets to tap down a spinning staircase that's been lit up brighter than a California forest fire. We're not gonna lie: This is exactly how we want to go through life.

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Sorry, Miley Fans, You Need to Buy New Tickets to the Rescheduled St. Louis Show

File photo

Miley Cyrus has been ill for a number of recent dates during her Bangerz tour, but some fans may end up feeling sick themselves when they hear the latest news from the controversial singer's camp.

Cyrus and her team had cancelled her April 16 Scottrade Center show for medical reasons, with official information declaring that tickets purchased online or by phone through Ticketmaster would be automatically refunded. Ticket refunds also were available at their points of purchase, but vague language seemed to imply that fans had the option of holding those passes for a rescheduled date.

See also: Hospitalized Miley Cyrus Cancels Tonight's Scottrade Show

The latest press release, however, makes it clear that anyone wishing to attend Cyrus' rescheduled show on August 10 will need to purchase new tickets beginning at 10 a.m. Friday, May 2; tickets for the original show will not be honored:

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Hospitalized Miley Cyrus Cancels Tonight's Scottrade Show

@mileycyrus | Twitter
All this illness ever did was wre-e-eck her.

This morning, Miley Cyrus tweeted from her hospital bed that her highly anticipated show scheduled for Scottrade Center tonight will be canceled. Scottrade Center has confirmed the cancellation, saying that ticket refunds will be available at their point of purchase. Tickets purchased online or by phone through Ticketmaster will be automatically refunded.

Cyrus has been touring the country to support her album Bangerz, released last fall, but the former Hannah Montana star has been ill in recent weeks and was hospitalized Tuesday for a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. Her team canceled yesterday's concert in Kansas City just two and a half hours before showtime.

See also: Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Announced - St. Louis in April

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Eminem, Skrillex Leaked as Lollapalooza Headliners; World Shrugs

Press Photo
In recent weeks St. Louis has had a bit of a hard-on for Lollapalooza. After all, representatives from Los Angeles-based ICM Partners and leaders from our board of aldermen have told us time and again that the proposed Summer Rocks festivals will offer the Gateway City a multi-stage, multi-act, multi-millions-of-dollars musical experience similar to what Chicago has every August.

See also: Summer Rocks Music Festival Bill Passed By Aldermanic Committee

So let's think about what Lollapalooza 2014 may be like, eh? Yesterday evening, Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot leaked the acts his "industry sources" have confirmed to be Lollapalooza's headliners:

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St. Louis' Hilariously Varied Reactions to this Year's Pointfest Lineup


You know, we here at RFT Music get a little jaded sometimes. We're so used to concert announcements clogging our inboxes that we just yawn when embargoes are up, and we're finally allowed to tell you about all the secret information we've been hoarding. That's why instead of reading stuff in black and white, it was neat to witness the Twitter reactions as Lux of 105.7 FM (The Point) announced the Pointfest 2014 lineup Monday afternoon.

See also: Queens of the Stone Age Coming to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for Pointfest

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