Remembering Garth Brooks' Alter-Ego Chris Gaines

Alter-ego Chris Gaines on the left, original persona Garth Brooks on the right.

Inspired by Garth Brooks' recent announcement of his world tour, we thought we'd take a minute to look back on our favorite era of Garth-ness: the invention of Brooks' alter-ego, Chris Gaines.

Alter-egos help an artist feel free to express sides of their persona that might make their fans uncomfortable otherwise. When we see an artist as just a ballad singer or just a rapper or just a pretty pop star, the artist often feels the need to rebel in the form of an alter-ego.

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Six St. Louis Acts Named After Body Parts

Tracy Sachs
Hazard to Ya Booty

Local music makers really touch us, you know? Bands create melodies that just reach out and grab us, stroking our brains and hearts in a way that's only mildly inappropriate. But it's not only the tunes that grope for our attention; plenty of St. Louis bands also are named after body parts that caress our souls. Below, check out six acts that rub us the right way while teaching us all about anatomy.

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Six St. Louis Bands Whose Names Make the Grade

albertogp123 | Flickr
St. Louis bands aced high school. Did you?

High school wasn't an awesome John Hughes movie for many of us, but it still was kind of rad. At no other point in our lives will people shrug while we moon a pep rally, awkwardly hit on the grumpy artiste in oil-painting class or shove plastic sporks up our nose to amuse our friends, all while being serenaded by the marching band performing "Eye of the Tiger." Ahhhh, memories.

But while all of that was happening, we also learned a few things about science, math, language and more -- stuff that obviously stuck with several St. Louis bands. Below, check out six local acts with scholarly, A+ names that put even the Saved by the Bell kids' SAT scores to shame.

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Six St. Louis Bands Whose Names Will Kill You

Kentucky Knife Fight
Music makes you feel like a badass, doesn't it? The really good stuff does a bang-up job of providing just the right amount of swagger to fit any young gun's mood. Maybe you feel like humming songs about the end of the world? Maybe you want to plot out the imaginary murder of your lover, who's complaining about the dirty dishes in the sink again?

Don't worry, we're not judging you. In fact, we want to add even more fuel to your fire. Check out these seven St. Louis bands that, through naming convention, will kill you with a variety of weaponry.

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Six St. Louis Bands You Can Eat or Drink

Photo via Facebook
The Vanilla Beans
We at RFT Music are ravenous for local music. "Feed us more!" we say. "Shove it into our earholes!" we say.

Thank goodness St. Louis musicians are complying, both with great tunes and with quality band names; this city has a surprising smorgasbord of acts named after goodies that balance out any meat-and-potatoes meal. Below, chew on these six local acts who spice up our playlists and leave us hungry for more. Taste the rainbow, friends.

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