What's Pissing Pujols Off Today?

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A new development in the "Snubbed Pujols" tempest:

Late last night USA Today sportswriter Bob Nightengale posted a brief item headlined "Pujols to apologize over MVP comments".

(For the backstory, see last Thursday's STLog post "Pujols Remarks Lost in Translation?")

"St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols, saying he was sick to his stomach the way he was portrayed in a recent interview in the Dominican Republic, plans to apologize to National League MVP winner Ryan Howard," Nightengale writes.

The 167-word blurb ends with:

"Pujols said his comments were misinterpreted. 'The way that came out hurt me big time,' Pujols said. 'I'm very angry about that.'"

-Tom Finkel

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