Cape Girardeau Artist Took Michael Vick to the Dogs

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Doggone it! Unreal was just assembling a feast of our Michael Vick trading-card collection for the feisty pug that hangs out downstairs. Turns out a Cape Girardeau woman has already cornered that market -- check out the Southeast Missourian's and Sports Illustrated's reports here and here.

Rochelle Steffen/AP
Rochelle Steffen's Weimaraner, Monte, avec Vick
eBay, however, reined in the bidding -- it appears to have ripped Rochelle Steffen's mangled card collection off the site sometime yesterday. A call to eBay hasn't been returned.

In the meantime, a Lab named Lilli in Western Pennsylvania is marking her territory on the auction portal. Twenty eBay bidders so far are vying for a Michael Vick trading card that Lilli mauled and put up for bid today.


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