Comcast Really is Trying to Make it Up to You (with Porn)

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You know, you hear a lot about what a lousy cable company Comcast is. Pretty much any time you browse a forum of people talking about television, whether it's sports or just general programming, you hear complaints from all quarters about Comcast. Bad reception, poor customer service, lack of HD channels, shitty programming package options, pretty much everything. Basically, as awful as Charter is, Comcast is much, much worse. 

Well, Comcast is trying to make it all up to its customers. 

See, during the Super Bowl, while they should have been broadcasting a replay of a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown, Comcast instead sent out somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds of a porn film.

Apparently, it wasn't anything really good, but enough to get everyone with little kids watching and stuff upset.

Well, I have to say, I feel like I've been let down. Hey, DirecTV, where's my porn? I mean, I pay you guys $100 a month, and this is what I get? I have to watch a replay of the pass completion that I just already saw? The fuck? 
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Okay, now picture this great play, followed by fifteen seconds of nudity. Do you see how brilliant this idea is?

I think this is really the sort of thing that could take off. Maybe a programming package designed specially for those people out there who don't necessarily want to watch a whole lot of porn, but who would occasionally enjoy a snippet being tossed in. I know that I have personally been sitting on my sofa more times than I can count, watching a baseball game or a monster truck rally or a biography of Abraham Lincoln, and thought to myself, you know what I could go for right now? Some porn.

But then, I would have to get up, go and get some porn, put it on, and by then, the brief interest is probably gone. I mean, I wasn't looking to make any kind of time commitment, I just thought it might be nice to see a few seconds of some black-on-white pile-driver action during this Malcolm in the Middle rerun. I don't think that makes me a weird guy, does it? 

I think this is an idea whose time has come. We can make it happen if we're all willing to work together.

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