A New Low For All of Us

Nick Schuyler, the lone survivor of the boating accident that killed Marquis Cooper, Will Bleakley, and Corey Smith, has a new tattoo that honors his fallen friends. It's a nice piece of work, too; simple, elegant, and meaningful. That's the okay part of this story. 

The not okay part of this is where the tattoo first appeared: Nik Ritchie's thedirty.com. If you're not familiar with that particular website, suffice it to say that if one were to buy a Girls Gone Wild video and convince it to fuck MTV and ESPN at the same time while you shoot the whole thing with that creepy night vision filter from Paris Hilton's porn movie, the result might just be in the neighborhood. Not that it's a bad site, by any means; there are plenty of funny, bizarre things you can come across there. But an ink tribute to three dead friends probably shouldn't be one of them. 

So go and take a look, and make sure to read the comments below. After you're done, go take the very hottest shower you can tolerate, and then weep for the state of humanity. Seriously. 

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