How to Hate Dan and Al Even More

Categories: Media
You know, it's really easy to rag on Al Hrabosky and Dan McLaughlin

You're probably waiting on a but, aren't you? Well, there isn't one. I'm just stating a fact. It's easy to rag on Dan and Al, mostly because they're terrible at their jobs. Even when I agree with one of them, as in Hrabosky's recent spat with the manager, it's still impossible to ignore the awfulness that is the FSN broadcast. 

Let's face it; there isn't anyone in the Cards' broadcast booth who can compete with that mustache. 
And just because I'm such a nice guy, I would like to point you toward a profile of some really good broadcasters, the television broadcast team for the New York Metropolitans. Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, and Keith Hernandez may just be the best broadcast team currently working on the television side, and I would venture to say they're probably better than 90% of the radio teams out there too. 

It really hurts me to say this, as I remember the days of the Pond Scum Mets. I grew up hating the Mets nearly as much as the Cubs, and that's saying something. Unfortunately, I also can't ignore quality when I see it, and the Mets have it in the booth in spades. 

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