5 Comments We're Tired of Hearing About Mark McGwire

The shelf-life of the Mark McGwire steroids story turned out to be a little longer than most of us -- and maybe Mark himself -- expected. But after all, it's January and there's nary any other real baseball news to be had.

As a result of the relative longevity of Big Mac's coming clean, sports talkers and well, everyone else, has chimed in about McGwire.

And so we present to you today a list of five of the most annoying comments people everywhere are making about McGwire's admissions, by Aaron Hooks over at Inside STL. Below is a personal pet-peeve:

Read the other four most annoying reasons at Insidestl.com

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Mark McGwire was a great pitcher.  How he got those milestones is not our concern.  The fact is the whole league behaved the same way back then, it was an even playing field.