More Proof German People are Crazy: Nude Sledge Races

Normally, I'm in favour of pretty much anything that puts nudity front and center in the world. People just wear too damned many clothes, in my ever so humble opinion. I'm an ardent supporter of the Lingerie Bowl, and as any longtime reader of the Rundown should know, I consistently and thoroughly cover any and all incidents of athletes showing off more than they really should

On the other hand, there are times when even I, voyeur fantastique though I may be, have to step back and say, "You know, that's just not a very good idea." Times when taste and decorum must take their rightful place at the forefront of any decision. 

Luckily, this is not one of those times. 

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Rugby Fan Raises, er, Drops Kilt to the World

Oh, sure, kilt guys always LOOK fun. But just wait. It's going to get ugly.
As part of my continuing mission to bring you the best and most complete coverage of sports-related male nudity the world over, I, um, I, know what? That is probably the absolute worst mission statement in the history of anything. I really, really need to rethink that. I feel like I've wasted my life, man. 

Anyway, so a Scottish rugby fan dropped his kilt on live television. And now I'm going to tell you all about it. 

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The Compendium of Sporting Dong

Hot on the, er, heels of Greg Oden admitting he is indeed the man depicted in recently published nude photos, Choire Sicha of Deadspin and The Awl has his complete rundown of more athlete dick pics than you can shake a stick at. (So to speak.) More »

Finally, a Naming Rights Story That Really Works

I'm ordinarily not a huge fan of selling naming rights. Selling the rights to the name of a stadium is how we end up with things like Qualcomm Stadium and 3Com Park at Candlestick Point and Great American Ballpark. Of course, that last one sounds okay until you realize Great American is the name of an insurance company and not a description of the stadium itself. 

Even worse is the naming of events and segments after companies. That's how the kickoff of an early Ohio State - Michigan game becomes, "The Cialis Saturday Afternoon Opening Drive. Do some opening and driving of your own this weekend with Cialis!." (The second you see that idea used, let me know, by the way. I am sooo going to sue.) 

But I have to admit, the Lane Kiffin Memorial Sewage Treatment Plant just might force me to change my stance on naming rights. 
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Aaron's Thing of the Week, 17th December: Merry Xmas, Everybody

In keeping with the holiday spirit (that's the holiday spirit, not the Holliday spirit, which involves protracted negotiations and ridiculous midnight Twitter visits), I would like to bring you another dose of yuletide cheer. More »

Chad Ochocinco's Sweet New Fine

Chad Ochocinco is my new favourite football player. I never used to be a fan of his, disliking the showboating and all the other stuff that goes along with it, but it turns out I was wrong. I turns out, in fact, that I couldn't possibly have been any wronger if I had tried. 

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Aaron's Thing of the Week, 3rd December, 2009: A Claymation Camel Christmas

Oh, have I ever got a treat for you guys this week. In the spirit of trying to get a bit of holiday cheer going around this place, I bring you one of the all-time masterpieces of Christmas television, now sadly forgotten. 

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The Best Headline Ever, And a Possible Solution to a Very Tough Problem

Thumbnail image for mcgwire_mild.gif
This soooo totally helps my plan.
So yesterday Joe Strauss of the Post-Dispatch writes an article about Mark McGwire, the day when he will finally have to Talk About the Past, and the way the Cardinals plan on trying to handle the potential reaction of the fanbase. 

And then, someone did something really great to that article. I'm assuming it was an editor, going off how things work around here, but I could be wrong. Regardless of who it was, they gave it the best title I think that article could ever have had. 

"Cardinals Wrestling with McGwire's Coming Out." Seriously. Is that not the best title you've ever read. Someone had to have realised the social overtones of such a statement. 

Then again, it also got me thinking, and I think we may have stumbled on a way for McGwire to avoid talking too much about his steroid usage. 

Mark McGwire needs to come out of the closet. 
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Sammy Sosa Wants to Set the Record Straight

Sosa as a young shortstop for the Texas Rangers, left, and unholy creature of the night, right.
Sammy Sosa wants everyone out there to know that, no matter what you may have heard, and despite seemingly incontrovertible photographic evidence to the contrary, he has not become a gay vampire. 

No, Sosa is merely going through a skin rejuvenation process, and the lighting in the now-infamous photo was the real problem. Sure, he was a little pale compared to his usual skin tone, but more than anything, there were just problems with the light. 

He isn't Michael Jackson. He isn't some sort of self-hating racial climber trying to turn himself into someone a little less brown. And he certainly isn't the homosexual undead. I just cannot stress this enough. 

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Aaron's Thing of the Week, 30th October 2009: People Who Died

It's very nearly Halloween, and so I thought I would bring you a Thing of the Week today that has a, shall we say, rather morbid tone to it. More »